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What is the bespeak of the Daughters that the King?

 The Daughters that the King is an order for women who room communicants that the churches in the Anglican Communion or in the historical Episcopate. The was started in 1885 and also adheres come the Anglican heritage of faith and worship. There space thousands that chapters and over 18,000 Daughters world-wide.

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Daughters the the King is a spiritual order, who Daughters take lifetime vows come live by the preeminence of the Order, rule of Prayer and also Service. Because of the vow taken, we refer to ourselves as an order quite than one organization. Interested women must attend a series of classes and also have a discernment duration testing their commitment to the Rules prior to taking the vows.

The Chapter’s regular meeting schedule is the second Sunday that the month ~ the second service in the God’s Pod. Meetings space centered roughly prayer, intercession requests, an individual reflection, testimony and study. Ladies who are interested in finding out much more about the Daughters the the King room warmly invite to sign up with us.

The Prayer of the Order

O eternal Father,

you have actually sent your boy to teach us things pertaining to her heavenly kingdom.

Give her blessing to our Order, where it might be transparent the world.

Grant that we, her Daughters, ever before may discern her truth

and bear the cross through the battles of our earthly life.

Give us toughness to overcome temptation

and the grace to work to spread your kingdom

and to gather her scattered sheep within her fold.

Pour out upon us the sevenfold gift of the divine Spirit

that us may always remember it is your occupational we are called upon to do,

that all we think, perform or say may be pleasing in your sight.

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We ask it all for His sake, our King and Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen

The definition Behind the Cross

The emblem that the order is in the type of a modified Greek fleury overcome inscribed in Latin, Magnanimiter Crucem Sustine, the watchword of the Order, an interpretation “With heart, mind and also spirit uphold and also bear the cross.” in ~ the base of the cross are the letter “FHS,” initials the stand because that the Motto of the Order: “For His Sake…”

The emblem, never wavering native the original design, has actually been trademarked because that the exclusive use of the Order. The cross is worn at every times. The is customarily worn top top the left side end the heart or it might be worn top top a silver chain approximately the neck, but it is never to be worn simply as one ornament. Only a member in great standing may wear the overcome of the Order, which remains the residential property of the Order. As soon as a Daughter dies, she cross may be buried with her or incorporated into she memorial; otherwise, it have to be returned to the nationwide Office.

from The Daughters that the King national Handbook

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