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The procedure error suggest error is a tricky one. That usually pertained to a software bug or absent dll files yet there are countless other different instances that users have actually reported.Check this substantial guide because that what solution ideal fits your situation and apply the transforms accordingly.

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The procedure entry point is home windows error, and it generally affects Uplay application. This error can additionally prevent various other applications indigenous running, so today we’re walk to display you how to fix it on home windows 10.

The procedure entry allude could no be situated

Solution 1 – Reinstall the Uplay application

As formerly mentioned, The procedure entry suggest error post usually appears when shot to begin Uplay. However, you can easily fix the trouble simply through reinstalling Uplay. Customers reported that removing Uplay and also deleting all documents from its brochure fixed the difficulty for them, so be certain to try that.

On the other hand, number of users reported the your antivirus can interfere v Uplay and cause this error. Follow to users, the trouble is concerned Bullguard Antivirus and also Firewall, for this reason you can want to disable that temporarily. Individuals reported that they fixed the trouble by following these steps:

Turn off Bullguard Antivirus and Firewall completely.Restart her PC. When your computer restarts, make certain that Bullguard Antivirus and Firewall is disabled.Delete Uplay.exe from video game folders.Reinstall Uplay.After friend reinstall it, rotate Bullguard antivirus back on.

Several users insurance claim that friend don’t also have come uninstall Uplay to settle it. Simply download the latest Uplay setup record and run it to update Uplay. ~ doing that, girlfriend should have the ability to use Uplay without any kind of problems.

Solution 2 – Rename the libcef.dll.old file

Locate libcef.dll.old file. By default, it have to be situated in the Uplay installation directory.

According to users, the reason for The procedure entrance point error have the right to be her libcef.dll file. This record is pertained to Uplay, however for some reason, the surname of the document can change. If the document name isn’t correct, Uplay won’t be able to start and also you’ll encounter this error. To resolve the problem, girlfriend just have to rename this paper by doing the procedures above.

After friend rename the file, the problem should be solved completely. Keep in mind the this equipment works just if you don’t have actually libcef.dll available. If this paper is current in the Uplay directory, this solution doesn’t use to you, for this reason you can just skip it.

Solution 3 – repair the visual C++ packages

Many applications depend on intuitive C++ Redistributables in order come work. However, if there’s any type of problem with Visual C++ Redistributables you might encounter The procedure entrance point error. Several users insurance claim that you can fix the difficulty simply by repairing visual C++ packages. To execute that, monitor the steps from above.

Keep in mind that you might have come repair every Visual C++ Redistributables that you have on your computer in bespeak to solve this problem. If repairing the Redistributables no help, you can have come reinstall them. Keep in mind that you’ll need to install multiple versions that C++ Redistributables and also not just the recent one. Various applications frequently require various versions that C++ Redistributables in stimulate to operation properly, for this reason you’ll need to install multiple versions.

Solution 4 – Use heavy steam to launch your game

Press Ctrl + change + Esc to open Task Manager.

Now you need to download Uplay again and also install it. To carry out that, follow these steps:

Download the Uplay setup document and run it.Make certain not to operation Uplay at the end of the installation.Now start steam and launch her game.

According come users, you can fix The procedure entry suggest error simply by starting your video game from heavy steam instead of Uplay. To fix the problem, first, you should close Uplay entirely. Periodically Uplay can run in the background, for this reason you’ll should use task Manager come close it.

By starting your video game from Steam, Uplay will instantly start and also you won’t have any type of problems through it. Save in mind that you might have to start gamings from steam as a workaround until you uncover a irreversible solution.

Solution 5 – eliminate your graphics card driver

After you uninstall her driver, restart her PC.

Once your pc restarts, Windows will install the default driver. After the default driver is installed, inspect if the trouble still persists. If not, you could want to upgrade your driver, yet be certain not to download the very same version that caused you this problem.

According to users, The procedure entry point error can appear due to troubles with your Nvidia graphic drivers. To solve the issue, users are arguing to remove your driver and also check if that solves the problem.

There’s also one more means to remove your driver. We showed you exactly how to remove it from machine Manager, however this technique can sometimes leave leftover files and also registry entries that have the right to still reason the problem. To completely remove your graphics card driver, we suggest that friend use display Driver Uninstaller. This is a freeware third-party tool that will instantly remove her graphics map driver and all documents related come it. If you desire to be certain that your graphics card driver is fully removed, we indicate that you use this tool.

Users reported this trouble with Nvidia drivers, yet even if friend don’t usage Nvidia graphics, you could want to shot reinstalling her drivers and see if the helps.

Solution 6 – Disable windows Defender

If you have a third-party antivirus tool installed, disable it.Disconnect your computer from the Internet.

After friend disable windows Defender, reinstall her game and also check if the difficulty still appears. We have actually to cite that team Policy Editor is accessible only on windows Pro or enterprise Editions. If your windows doesn’t have group Policy Editor, you deserve to disable windows Defender by modifying your registry. To execute that, follow these steps:

Several individuals reported that they encountered The procedure entry point error when trying come run certain games. It seems that this difficulty can be caused by home windows Defender, for this reason in bespeak to solve it we must disable windows Defender. To perform that, you simply need to follow the steps described above.

Keep in psychic that editing the registry can be potentially dangerous, so use extra caution. If you want to enable Windows Defender again, simply adjust the value data of DisableAntiSpyware DWORD to 0 or delete it.

Solution 7 – totally remove VLC player from your PC

The procedure entry point error usually affects Uplay, but it can additionally appear in various other applications. Individuals reported this error in Tunngle, and it seems that that was caused by VLC Media Player. To deal with the problem, you have to uninstall VLC Media Player and remove every registry entries connected with it.

To completely remove VLC from her PC, you can want to use uninstaller software program such together Revo Uninstaller. This tools have the right to remove any type of application along with all files and also registry entries associated with it.

Users reported the removing the VLC player addressed the difficulty for them, therefore be sure to shot it. If girlfriend still desire to usage VLC as your media player, be certain to download and install the recent version and also check if the issue still appears.

Solution 8 – change the configuration and also .dll files

Users report The procedure entry point error when trying to run Assassin’s Creed 4. Follow to users, the worry is led to by corrupted configuration and also .dll files. To resolve the problem, you’ll must replace the corrupted documents with brand-new ones. The list of documents that you should replace contains orbit_api, steam_api, steam_api.dll, uplay_r1.dll, and uplay_r1_loader.dll.

Keep in mental that downloading and install these papers from third-party websites can be a protection concern, as such it’s always much better to copy castle from an additional user that has a functioning copy the the game. After you copy these records to the game’s directory, the problem should it is in fixed and also everything will begin working without issues.

If the trouble still persists, customers are suggesting to disable home windows Defender entirely and check if the solves the problem. For an ext information on just how to disable windows Defender, be sure to check Solution 6 for in-depth instructions.

Solution 9 – Disable your antivirus

Your antivirus software is quite important, yet it can sometimes cause The procedure entry allude error to appear while trying come play particular games. To solve the issue, it’s recommend to temporarily disable her antivirus and also check if the solves the problem.

This is just a an easy workaround, however if it works, be certain to usage it later if this error appears again. Store in mental that virtually any third-party antivirus software program can reason this problem to appear, therefore be certain to shot this solution.

Solution 10 – install the recent updates

If you’re frequently getting The procedure entry allude error message, friend might be able to solve that by updating your Windows. By default, windows 10 automatically installs the crucial updates in the background, but sometimes you could miss crucial update.

However, girlfriend can constantly check because that updates manually by act the following:

Keeping your windows up to day is one of the finest ways to ensure the errors such as this one nothing appear, so be sure to update Windows as often as you can.

Solution 11 – Copy the steam_api.dll file

Users reported The procedure entry point error message while do the efforts to begin a Gmod server on their PC. Apparently the difficulty is developing because steam_api.dll file is missing. To settle the issue, you simply need come copy the missing document to the Gmod server directory. This is quite simple, and you can do that by following these steps:

Go come the gmodserver directory on your PC.Now navigate come the bin folder.Once you open up the bin directory, search for steam_api.dll file. Copy that file.Now go ago to gmodserver directory and paste the steam_api.dll file in that directory.

After you copy the steam_api.dll file, the difficulty should disappear and you’ll be able to run Gmod server without any type of problems.

Solution 12 – Copy libxml2.dll file

According to users, this error message can show up while utilizing APPandora app. The problem occurs since a specific .dll document is missing, however you deserve to fix the trouble simply by copying that file. To execute that, follow these steps:

On a 64 -bit Windows, walk to the

C:Program files (x86)Common FilesAppleApple applications Supportdirectory. If you’re making use of 32 -bit version of Windows, navigate to the

C:Program FilesCommon FilesAppleApple applications Supportdirectory instead.

Once you open Apple application Support catalog locate libxml2.dll record and copy it. The procedure entry allude error blog post usually speak you which record is missing, for this reason you need to discover it in to apologize Application support directory and copy it.Now navigate come C:WindowsSysWOW64 directory and also paste that file. If you’re making use of a 32-bit variation of Windows, you should navigate come C:WindowsSystem32 directory and also paste your file there.

After copy the lacking files, APPandora app will begin working again without any kind of problems.

Solution 13 – Reinstall / update your browser

Google Chrome is a an excellent browser, however it can additionally suffer indigenous The procedure entrance point error. Several users report this error blog post in Chrome, and also in bespeak to settle it, friend just need to reinstall Chrome on her PC. Save in mind the you’ll have to install the latest variation of Chrome in stimulate to deal with this issue.

In enhancement to Chrome, this issue additionally affects Firefox, so if you’re utilizing Firefox as your default browser, reinstall it and also update it to the latest version to settle this problem.

Solution 14 – Rename the dxgi.dll file

According come users, this error can appear while do the efforts to use mods with certain games. The reason for this difficulty is dxgi.dll file, and also in order to fix the issue, you need to find and also rename the file. To perform that, follow these steps:

Go to her game’s surroundings directory and also look because that dxgi.dll file. If this .dll isn’t available, walk to C:WindowsSystem32 directory. Locate the dxgi.dll and also copy it to the game’s environment directory.In the game’s installation directory, right-click dxgi.dll and choose Rename native the menu. Rename the record from dxgi.dll come d3d11.dll .

After renaming the file, try to begin the video game again and check if the trouble still appears.

Solution 15 – adjust System Variables

According come users, The procedure entrance point error post can show up while starting DWG Viewer or DWG TrueView software. If you’re using these tools, you might be able to fix the problem simply by changing your system variables. To perform that, follow these steps:

After law that, you just need to conserve changes and the problem should it is in resolved. Keep in mind that this problem can also affect other applications. If you’re having this error with other applications, we strongly advise you to inspect their course variables and also edit castle if necessary.

Solution 16 – Reinstall Jabber and remove MeetingService files

Several customers reported this error article while utilizing Jabber. To resolve the issue, you should uninstall Jabber and remove certain .dll and .xml files. To do that, follow these steps:

Uninstall Jabber.Now navigate come Jabber’s environment directory. By default, it must be

C:Program files (x86)Cisco SystemsCisco JabberservicesMeetingService.Locate and remove MeetingService.dll and also MeetingService.xml files.After removing this files, reinstall Jabber.This is a an easy solution, and also users reported the reinstalling Jabber and also removing MeetingService files fixed the problem for them, so be certain to shot it out. Number of users reported the removing the entire Cisco Jabber magazine fixed the trouble for them, therefore be sure to shot that together well.

Solution 17 – Verify the integrity of game files

The procedure entry point error message usually shows up when trying come run particular games making use of Uplay. According to users, the concern can occur if your game files are corrupted. To fix the problem, you’ll need to inspect the verity of your video game cache. To execute that in Uplay, follow this steps:

Open Uplay and click ~ above Games.Select the game that is providing you this error message. Now click Verify files button.The verification procedure will now start. This procedure can take a while, for this reason you’ll have to be patient.

If you’re having actually this difficulty with steam games, you deserve to verify the video game cache by doing the following:

The verification procedure will now start. The verification have the right to take a if so it is in patient.

After the confirmation is finished, inspect if the problem still appears. Couple of users case that verifying their gamings solved the concern for them, therefore be certain to shot that.

Solution 18 – Reinstall Adobe Photoshop

According come users, the problem can show up after installing Adobe Photoshop. The issue is led to by a corrupted .dll file, and also in bespeak to fix this problem, you must reinstall Photoshop. To perform that, you must follow this steps:

Uninstall Adobe Photoshop from your PC.Once friend download the tool, operation it. The tool will remove any type of files connected with Adobe Photoshop from your PC.After you finish the process, download and also install Adobe Photoshop again.

After friend reinstall Photoshop, the problem should be resolved and you’ll be able to use the without any type of issues.

Solution 19 – do a system Restore

If The procedure entrance point error blog post started showing up recently, girlfriend might have the ability to fix the problem by performing a device Restore. This is a beneficial feature that will regain your computer to the ahead state and also fix any recent problems. Keep in mind the this feature could remove any kind of recently saved files, so you might want to back them up. To carry out a mechanism Restore, execute the following:

Follow the instructions on the display to complete the restoration process.

Once you regain your PC, examine if the trouble still appears.

Solution 20 – Copy the absent .dll records to Syncios directory

This error blog post can show up while using the Syncios software program on your PC. Lacking .dll records are leading to this error to appear, and also in order to fix it, you must copy them to Syncios directory. To perform that, follow these steps:

Navigate come the

C:Program FilesCommon FilesAppleApple application Supportdirectory. If you’re utilizing a 32-bit version of Windows, you’ll should navigate come C:Program files (x86) catalog instead.

Once you open up Apple application Support folder, choose libxml2.dll , WTF.dll , libxml3.dll , and WebKit.dll files. Currently press Ctrl + C to copy these files.Navigate come C:Program FilesSyncios directory. If you’re utilizing a 32-bit version of Windows, you’ll must navigate to C:Program files (x86)Syncios catalog instead.Once you open up Syncios directory, press Ctrl + V to paste the files.

After act that, the problem should it is in fixed and you’ll be able to run Syncios application without any kind of problems.

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The procedure entry point error message have the right to prevent girlfriend from running her favorite applications or games. This error is usually brought about by lacking .dll files, however you should be able to solve it by using one of our solutions.