Kenya Moore shocked her other housewives ~ above The actual Housewives the Atlanta Season 10 episode 1 with the news that she is, indeed, married. That intended that all the tabloid reports were true and also she kept every one of her pals in the lurch. 

On The real Housewives that Atlanta Season 10 illustration 2, it became evident that the marital relationship was not exactly what she thought it would be. Go she rush right into it?

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That"s specifically what she thought, however did she rotate to any of she friends through her concerns?

When the episode gained underway, it to be all about Porsha Williams and she had actually a large change of her own in her life. She sister, Lauren, was relocating in through her due to the fact that she to be going with some stuff. 

If you watch The actual Housewives that Atlanta online, you will already know the the sisters space joined in ~ the hip at the ideal of times, however Porsha was worried that this new situation was going to check their connection like never before. 

Porsha recently ended up being vegan and also her sister wanted to reiterate come her that it would be a an excellent idea for her to freeze she eggs after six months. Apparently, 6 months without animal products in your mechanism works wonders for the entirety process. 


Meanwhile, Cynthia opened up up around being fifty-years-old and single. She want to go back to the date scene. She go so with some dude named Evan that sounded a tiny too great to it is in true. 

The man organized a surprise photograph shoot for she at his studio. Cynthia thrives on being the center of attention, for this reason this was music to her ears. Naturally, she felt prefer she had actually won the lottery. 

The large drawback for she was that Evan was simply 29-years-old, yet he did have actually roses spread throughout a table because that her. Perhaps finding who from the younger generation will certainly be an excellent for her. 


Noelle chimed in later, claiming the it is no acceptable for her mother to be dating such a young man. Instead, she said that she (Noelle) would be far better dating him from the perspective of society. 

Cynthia countered the she was no really interested in Evan, to begin with. Yeah, she"s totally lying. 

Sheree had actually some drama that her own to discuss. She met up with her life coach come run v the emotional abuse she encountered during her relationship with Bob. 

She want to open up up to she kids since she feeling she fan it to them to know what yes, really happened throughout the marriage. She didn"t desire them cultivation up reasoning she dropped out the love v him every one of a sudden. 


Sheree met up through her gal pals so she might speak around what occurred in depth. 

"I don’t know just how to begin the conversation,” Sheree said. She friends then took top top the duties of her youngsters to try and aid her understand how they would react. 

Then, Kenya opened up up around her brand-new husband gift annoyed about the attention their relationship has actually received. What did that expect? He"s married come a real housewife!

“My husband is just feeling very overwhelmed because he’s a exclusive person,” Kenya admitted.


In a surprising revolve of events, she wound up bawling she eyes the end to a producer due to the fact that she felt favor her marriage was currently on the rocks. 

“I don’t desire to gain divorced,” she sobbed.

The final huge get together of the hour focuses on Shamea"s bridal shower and the outspoken star took she anger out at Porsha when she heard she to be planning on skipping the nuptials. 

“You’re telling me you’re no coming to my wedding in Kenya, but I’m still saving a location for you,” Shamea yelled. “You are supposed to it is in there. You’re an alleged to it is in in the wedding.”

Porsha declared a medical problem meant she might not go to the event, however everyone knew it was because she go not desire to spend time through Kandi. 

"It just feels choose I’m being fronted out in front of the Kandi-coated clique,” Porsha complained come the camera. “It simply feels prefer a slap in the face.”

“You’re no a terrible friend, however you’ve no been the finest friend lately,” Shamea called Porsha after the event. 

“When people act a certain way in former of various other people and also you’ve presented them her heart, you need to listen and take heed to that,” Porsha explained. “I just want come love and also support she from afar.” 

Yes, Porsha is going to it is in on the outs with every one of her fellow cast members now. Sigh. 

What did friend think of all the action?

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