Remember the dragon Ren supposedly killed? Well, Naofumi and his girls end up having actually to challenge it due to the fact that Ren didn’t finish the job.

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Episode Information: illustration 8 “Curse Shield”


The Zombie Dragon: Naofumi, Filo, Raphtalia

A new week, a new village, and this is one which has actually experienced among the legendary heroes newly – specifically Ren. He eliminated a dragon, or therefore he thought, and also left. However, with the death of the dragon seemingly come a shift in the neighborhood population. It began with an flow of world traveling as much as the mountain and also then monsters moved in since a major predator was gone.

Leading to, naturally, Naofumi going increase there for the zombie dragon not only has released a poisonous mist over the area but, together the surname implies, is very much alive. However, with everyone’s level in the high 30s, a dragon is a little much come handle. In ~ least, in theory. Filo decides to go for the since, in spite of only gift a month old, and this gift her first dragon, she biologically no them.

But she end up gift swallowed totality when trying to fight it. Something which partly happens because she it s okay distracted and also with what looks like blood squirting out, Naofumi assumes death.

The Curse Shield: Naofumi, Raphtalia


Raphtalia: say thanks to goodness… you’re back.

Remember the hit Naofumi had against Motoyasu that Myne interfered in? The one i beg your pardon led that to have actually a mental malfunction and virtually be spend by hate? Yeah, once much more that happens, however Naofumi goes deeper into the darkness which reveals the Curse Shield. From what the appears, this shield is a glitch. One which gives Naofumi some kind of attack powers in ~ the cost of his sanity, if no consciousness.

Luckily, though it may have actually hurt Raphtalia to do so, she bring him out of it simply in time before he goes come the allude of no return.

A Smile: Naofumi, Filo, Raphtalia

However, despite cutting turn off the dragon’s tail, and his protective powers turn off the scale, he doesn’t have the method to death the dragon. Add in Raphtalia faints from exhaustion and also the 2 seem doomed. But, then we view Filo claw her way out that the dragon, there is no a mark on her, and then dragon appears dead at last. Especially since Filo consumed its main point crystal.

Leaving us to wonder what is Raphtalia’s state after the toxicity breath and also apparently being cursed? Well, she’ll live yet will have to be hit v some divine water come rid her of the curse afflicted top top her. Something the seemingly doesn’t impact her much, however she does try to usage it to sleep through Naofumi in the same bed. However, he curve her and also offers Filo instead. Not prior to offering a smile though, i beg your pardon both girls do a large deal the end of.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

How powerful if Filo to it is in swallowed whole, by a dragon, and yet not have actually a scratch on her? Also, what room her feather made the end of because she no wet either?Why go Filo have actually an instinctive beef through dragons?What exactly is up through the Chaos Shield?

Other significant Facts & Moments

It has actually been 1 month since Filo to be born.



An Epic fight Which pipeline You Guessing


This show will probably end up among the ideal this season, live activity or otherwise. It began out strong on the emotional end, and that seemed to compensate for it’s much less than thrilling battles. However, increasingly we have had much more and an ext appealing and also arguably epic battles. This time even presenting the idea a character might die, and also it seeming believable.

That in chin is a huge deal due to the fact that most shows try to have actually a Game that Thrones form of element of anyone can die, however it doesn’t feel believable. Yet, The increasing of the Shield Hero has this hard to explain tone which renders it it seems to be ~ the worst can happen. Maybe due to the fact that it has a lingering rape accusation which quiet haunts Naofumi? maybe it is because these emotional relations are so solid that you can’t imagine them no being under continuous threat?

Either way, many thanks to the relationship Naofumi has actually with his girls, the ups the ante in means which were not expected as soon as this display began.

On The Fence

Does This Qualify together Filler?

One of the things I’ve constantly had a hard time deciphering once it involves anime, particularly when lock go past 13 illustration is what filler is? as soon as it concerns this episode, while the is an excellent we are seeing Naofumi flourish closer come the girls and also this grand battles, there is a have to question as soon as the story will relocate forward? that were the ninjas and also industrial kingdom we saw? Things prefer that linger as we check out what is slowly ending up being a pattern of Naofumi showing up in a no-name village and clean up behind his other heroes.

Not come say I’m no enjoying these open-ended episodes, I’m simply wondering when we are moving forward rather of laterally.

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Season 1, episode 1 “The Shield Hero”

The rising of the Shield Herolives approximately what that is trailer hyped and also may administer oh so lot more.

Strong Dramatic Element

Pending Doomsday Battles

Shows Which have actually an RPG Vibe

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