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A viral video clip that appears to present a guy pulling out a knife throughout an argument over the magician of Oz has resurfaced.

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The clip, which apparently requires friends sitting in a house and also jokingly suggesting over the 1939 musical, reflects two males engaging in an increasingly heated exchange.

The two males are viewed smiling and laughing throughout before one of the 2 stands up and also pulls the end a knife, reportedly playing up for the camera, stop the blade close to his leg as the 2nd individual is watched walking away.

The video clip of the argument was an initial posted on YouTube in 2018, and has since been watched much more than 7 million times.

"Hold on, hold on. Her sister was a witch, right?" among the guys is heard saying, while smiling and also smirking. "And what was she sister, a princess, the evil witch the the east, bro."

The human being filming deserve to be heard laughing loudly prior to the 2nd man, that was at first seated, was standing up and jokingly says: "I"m going to stab him."

The first man then transforms around and says: "You"re gonna look in ~ me and you"re gonna tell me that I"m wrong? Am i wrong? She wore a crown and she came under in a bubble, Doug. Grow up bro, grow up."

The 2nd man, apparently holding the knife against his leg, replies "I"m no fighting through you," before the video clip ends.

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The video has been reshared ~ above Twitter this week and also watched practically 1 million times.

A comment left top top the YouTube clip from three years ago and common on a Reddit object said: "CONTEXT: lock were playing Headbands and Doug had "Glenda" (the fairy/witch in the pink dress that talked come Dorothy in the sorcerer’s of Oz), and the other male said "Princess" as a hint. Doug didn"t gain it and also insisted Glenda wasn"t a princess. Climate the other male made this rant that is pure gold."


Bert Lahr (1895-1967), U.S. Actor and comedian, Jack Haley (1897-1979), U.S. Actor, beam Bolger (1904-1987), U.S. Actor, Judy Garland (1922-1969), U.S. Actress and singer, and also Margaret Hamilton (1902-1985), U.S. Actress, every in costume, in a public still native the film, "The sorcerer’s of Oz," 1939. A video showing two friends arguing over the movie has actually resurfaced and gone viral.Silver display Collection/Getty ImagesCommenting ~ above the video clip in April, one person wrote: "If he said an additional "HOLD ON" ns think his eye would have popped the end of his head. Revisiting this in 2021 since it will literally never gain old."

Another said: "Hate to tell him, Glinda was the witch that the north. Witch of the east was under Dorothy"s residence . He"s wrong, but i love watching exactly how emotionally he"s invested in this argument lol."

A 3rd wrote: "I love as soon as grown adult argue end literally nothing for this reason passionately they"re yelling over each other. It"s a crime we don"t have actually the entirety argument."