That day, my head was struck by an unknown object, and also after ns woke up, i realized the I’m able to, v titles, recognize a who truest side.

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Afterwards, ns being pestered by a team of girls, them also not being people at all, with assorted bizarre fetishes………….I’m having a harem, friend say? If i’m still able come be alive at the end………….Mm, simply take it as I have a harem climate (gives off an understanding smile).

Action: A work frequently depicting fighting, violence, chaos, and also fast paced motion." class="chip violet mb-1 mr-1 white-text">Action
Adult: contains mature content that is an ideal only because that adults. Title in this group may include prolonged scenes of intense violence and/or graphic sexual content and nudity." class="chip teal mb-1 mr-1 white-text">Adult
Comedy: A dramatic work-related that is light and often humorous or satirical in tone and also that usually includes a happy resolution of the subject conflict." class="chip orange mb-1 mr-1 white-text">Comedy
Ecchi: perhaps the line between hentai and non-hentai, ecchi usually describes fanservice put in to attract a specific group the fans." class="chip purple mb-1 mr-1 white-text">Ecchi
Fantasy: Anything that involves, yet not minimal to, magic, dream world, and also fairy tales." class="chip indigo mb-1 mr-1 white-text">Fantasy
Harem: A series involving one masculine character and also many female characters (usually attractive to the masculine character). A reverse Harem is when the genders are reversed." class="chip cyan mb-1 mr-1 white-text">Harem
Lolicon: Representing a sex-related attraction come young, young-looking, or underage girls." class="chip violet mb-1 mr-1 white-text">Lolicon
Mature: includes subject matter which may be too excessive for people under the age of 17. Contents that encounters mature themes not perfect for a younger audience." class="chip cyan mb-1 mr-1 white-text">Mature
Mystery: generally an unexplained occasion occurs, and also the key protagonist do the efforts to uncover out what resulted in it." class="chip teal mb-1 mr-1 white-text">Mystery
Psychological: Usually deals with the approach of a state that mind, in most situations detailing abnormal psychology." class="chip eco-friendly mb-1 mr-1 white-text">Psychological
School Life: having a significant setting of the story resolve some type of school." class="chip indigo mb-1 mr-1 white-text">School Life
Seinen: Seinen way 'Young Man.' Novels that particularly targets young adult males about the eras of 18 to 25 space Seinen titles. Typically the story lines deal with the concerns of adulthood." class="chip indigo mb-1 mr-1 white-text">Seinen
Slice the Life: Novels with no clear main plot. This genre tends to be naturalistic and also mainly focuses around the key characters and their day-to-day lives. Frequently there will be some thoughtful perspectives regarding love, relationships, life etc. Tied right into the novel. The as whole typical moods because that this kind of anime room cheery and carefree, in other words, that is her 'feel-good' sort of anime." class="chip orange mb-1 mr-1 white-text">Slice that Life
Supernatural: Usually entails amazing and also unexplained strength or occasions which defy the regulations of physics." class="chip orange mb-1 mr-1 white-text">Supernatural
Angels: This sign is to be offered only as soon as the series contains a collection of characters/a single character who is termed one Angel. This have to be according to the traditional meaning of one angel. Come be supplied only if the author uses the hatchet Angel." class="chip eco-friendly mb-1 mr-1 white-text">Angels
Beautiful mrs Lead: This tag is to be offered if the female command of the series is beautiful. If both the male and female leads are great looking, climate it is recommended to use the Beautiful pair tag. The descriptions must be what the author has written, and also not what the fans fantasize." class="chip cyan mb-1 mr-1 white-text">Beautiful woman Lead
Brother Complex: excessive love or adoration for a brothers (not have to romantically)." class="chip orange mb-1 mr-1 white-text">Brother Complex
Childhood Friends: This tags is just to be provided when a influential character has actually a partnership (in any type of form) v someone who they to be friends with during their childhood. " class="chip teal mb-1 mr-1 white-text">Childhood Friends
Demon Lord: Demons with good power.Generally an developed position or sovereignty over other demons.Usually in opposition against heroes and also humanity in general." class="chip purple mb-1 mr-1 white-text">Demon Lord
Fantasy Creatures: This tags is to be used when the setting of the novel has fantasy creatures in the such as minotaurs, unicorns or golems. These creatures MUST show up frequently or beat some significant role in the plot, instead of simply existing in the setting. This tag must be accompanied by Fantasy genre." class="chip teal mb-1 mr-1 white-text">Fantasy Creatures
Heroes: sign is to be used ONLY if the protagonist that the collection is a heroe (definition may vary based upon novel). If the collection has multiple protagonists, only use this sign if being a heroe is a prominent attribute of one of them." class="chip cyan mb-1 mr-1 white-text">Heroes
Incest: sign is to be provided when Romantic or sexual interest, and or interactions, room present in between closely blood-related civilization (2 qualities of separation or less)." class="chip teal mb-1 mr-1 white-text">Incest
Kuudere: it is offered to describe characters who constantly remain calm and composed" class="chip pink mb-1 mr-1 white-text">Kuudere
Library: usage ONLY as soon as a library is a central place and also an frequently visited location in the story." class="chip cyan mb-1 mr-1 white-text">Library
Magic: tags is come be offered ONLY if the protagonist the the series can usage Magic (definition may vary based upon novel). If the series has many protagonists, only use this tags if having actually Magic is a prominent function of one of them." class="chip environment-friendly mb-1 mr-1 white-text">Magic
Maids: female attendants that wear maid uniform and complete the duties that a maid and also has part relevance to the story." class="chip green mb-1 mr-1 white-text">Maids
Male Protagonist: If the protagonist that the collection is male, climate this sign is to it is in used. By protagonist, it refers to the leading/main character. No to be used with: female Protagonist " class="chip blue mb-1 mr-1 white-text">Male Protagonist
Master-Servant Relationship: This sign is to be provided when the protagonist is involved in a master-servant relationship, whether that be a lord/lady and also servant(e.g. Maid/butler, knight, etc), owner and slave, or some other relationship in which one of the parties functions for an additional of the parties with or without pay." class="chip teal mb-1 mr-1 white-text">Master-Servant Relationship
Monsters: tags is come be offered ONLY if the protagonist that the series is a Monster (definition may vary based on novel). If the series has many protagonists, just use this tags if being a Monster(s) is a prominent function of one of them. Can additionally be provided if there being Monster(s) has a big impact ~ above the story." class="chip orange mb-1 mr-1 white-text">Monsters
Multiple Personalities: No definition found." class="chip orange mb-1 mr-1 white-text">Multiple Personalities
Multiple POV: This tags is provided if the storyline is gift told/narrated v the philosophies of lot of characters, no necessarily including the key character him/herself." class="chip purple mb-1 mr-1 white-text">Multiple POV
Near-Death Experience: This sign is no recommended come be provided for a farming or reincarnation/transmigration novel,unless a distinct explanation deserve to be given. As the surname suggests, this tag is to be provided ONLY as soon as the protagonist goes v a near fatality experience either prior to or throughout the course of the plot. This suffer is intended to it is in a significant plot suggest which transforms the outlook of the protagonist." class="chip teal mb-1 mr-1 white-text">Near-Death Experience
Reincarnation: This tag is used if the protagonist is born again ~ dying. Contrast with transmigration, wherein the protagonist inhabits an present body." class="chip orange mb-1 mr-1 white-text">Reincarnation
Special Abilities: describes abilites that a select few have. Doesn't have actually to include protagonist, however has to be something the the majority of human being of the people doen't have.E.g Espers in a modern world" class="chip pink mb-1 mr-1 white-text">Special Abilities
Strong Love Interests: whereby the love attention of a protagonist has a details level the strenght or is portrayed as strong. Doesn't need to be top top the protagonist level, however somewhere close." class="chip indigo mb-1 mr-1 white-text">Strong Love Interests
Student-Teacher Relationship: This sign is used when over there is a romantic relationship between a teacher and also his/her student, one of whom is the protagonist." class="chip cyan mb-1 mr-1 white-text">Student-Teacher Relationship
Succubus: Lilin-demon in woman form, or supernatural entity in folklore that shows up in dreams and also takes the kind of a woman in order to seduce men, commonly through sexual activity. " class="chip indigo mb-1 mr-1 white-text">Succubus
Vampires: various humanoid entities of folklore the share the characteristics of engaging in hematophagy (bloodsucking).Weaknesses have tendency to it is in silver, sunlight, stakes, decapitation, fire, holy symbols, garlic, drowning, to run water, abstaining native blood, hawthorn, inquiry an invitation, and salt." class="chip red mb-1 mr-1 white-text">Vampires
Voyeurism: This tag is come be offered if the novel's character(s), not necessarily consisting of the main character, communicate in voyeurism. Distinction has to be made against against actions like spying activities, also though those 2 acts may looks and also feels the same. " class="chip eco-friendly mb-1 mr-1 white-text">Voyeurism
Witches: The main character (or their key partner) is experienced in magic or has actually magical powers. 'Witch' may also refer come an occupation centered approximately magic. Witches room usually female and also may also be referred to as a sorceress or magician. The usage of magic and/or presence of witches should be a major plot element in the story." class="chip cyan mb-1 mr-1 white-text">Witches
Yandere: A yandere is a human romantically obsessed through someone come the suggest of abnormality. In essence, precise 'madly in love'. They often resort come manipulative or violent way to obtain the subject of their affection." class="chip violet mb-1 mr-1 white-text">Yandere
Younger Sisters: used when the protagonist has actually younger sisters. Also, the relationship between the brother is meant to it is in a significant plot point of the series. This sign may bring about incest." class="chip orange mb-1 mr-1 white-text">Younger Sisters
Zombies: This sign is come be provided if either the protagonist or any kind of other far-reaching character is a zombie. This tag can also be provided if the protagonist continuously interacts (i.e. Fights) with zombies, even if they room nothing an ext than cannon fodder." class="chip green mb-1 mr-1 white-text">Zombies
Alpha Yan Qiu bumped his head and unexpectedly transmigrated into his nemesis Ji Xinglan’s Omega fiance’s body.

【Before Marriage】

Ji Xinglan leaned lazily ~ above the couch. “Renouncing the wedding? Impossible.”

The male smiled wickedly, i turned down Yan Qiu top top the sofa, and also suddenly lifted his shirt.

Yan Qiu looked at his belly and suddenly felt the heavens fall and also earth render! (idiom; rocked by a significant disaster)

Ah, i’m through!

…Ah, ns through! This pair of masculine dogs!

【After Marriage】

Inhibitors couldn’t be used throughout pregnancy, feverish Yan Qiu through no an option could only let Ji Xinglan repeatedly torture him.

Having to fulfill with my arch-nemesis is indescribable, i’m going come die!


Only Ji Xinglan knew that he had actually never touched any Omega fiance in ~ all.

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He was going because that Yan Qiu from the beginning

A few months later, Yan Qiu looked in ~ his still flat belly, gritted his teeth and slapped Ji Xinglan’s face.