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Alles to be Spass macht - gern auch mit Waffenbezug. Bitte postet/verlinkt nur urheberrechtlich unbedenkliches Material!

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Skippy’s List: The 213 points Skippy is no longer permitted to do in the U.S. Army

Beitragvon zeroflow » Mi 11. Jul 2018, 14:01

Wiedermal über was gestolpert was unbedingt mehr Leute kennen sollten
About SkippyA few years ago, I spent some time in the Army. Some civilization seem to find this item of expertise amusing for some reason.How the perform started:It was simply some emails i sent back to a few friends the mine. I was stationed in Bosnia, that sucked, and I gained bored. I median *really* bored. Civilization who have actually been on a army deployment have the right to understand what i am talking about here. I’d tell mine friends ago home about the type of pranks me and the various other soldiers would certainly play ~ above each various other to save amused. By around month three, I had actually taken to ending every email with a couple of things i was no longer enabled to do. It didn’t actually start as a hoax (See article number 1). My friend assembled these into a list, and named the “The 101 things Skippy can not Do” and also started passing the around. The difficulty was, there were only 30 or therefore items top top it. And also people appeared to prefer it. For this reason I created some more. And some more. And also I kept at it because that a few years. Acquaintances of mine would pass it back and forth, and laugh in ~ it. Soon after 9/11 one more friend of mine inquiry if she could make a web-site out of the list. I stated “Sure, why not”. I would occasionally gain email about it, but didn’t think much of it any kind of more. After it had actually been up because that a couple of years, my girlfriend asked if I wanted to store the site going. Ns figured “This gag has actually been done, it was funny because that a while, but I don’t feel favor paying money to save this going.” the went down, and also I forgot around it.
Manches davon ist eher kurios,
32. Not enabled to let amount say puppets take command of mine post.

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anderes dafür sehr verständlich

101. Ns am not allowed to mountain a bayonet on a crew-served weapon.102. Rodents space not entitled to funeral with full military honors, even if they space “casualties the war”.

Re: Skippy’s List: The 213 points Skippy is no longer permitted to carry out in the U.S. Army

Beitragvon tiberius » Mi 11. Jul 2018, 17:01

Hi,Skippy ist ein Feiner Herr.sich wiedererkennend,tiberius
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