I can"t run my java servelet on my tomcat 9.0.12 server due to the fact that it can"t handle the class version.I get following error:

Error: MyClass to be compiled by a much more recent variation of the Java Runtime (class record version 55.0), this variation of the Java Runtime only recognizes class paper versions up to 52.0 (unable to pack classI compiled my code v java 11:

maven-compiler-plugin 3.8.0 11 11 as soon as I kind in : java -version in my terminal ns get:

javac 11.0.2Why can"t the Runtime take care of v55.0? java 11 == v55.0?!

java tomcat java-11
asked may 8 "19 at 9:00

Dennis AdlerDennis Adler
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The problem is no tomcat yet the JVM which runs tomcat.

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I don"t know just how you begin tomcat, however you should start it through a JDK 11.

If you use eclipse girlfriend should inspect the Server Runtime.

For various other IDEs or starting it from OS straight (as an application or a organization or whatever), girlfriend should examine the JAVA_HOME and the PATH.

answered may 8 "19 at 9:18

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