In this instance we have Ice Cube"s 1993 classic, "It to be A great Day", turn off his third solo album, The Predator.

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The song sampled the Isley Brother"s well known hit "Footesteps In The Dark".

Original- Isley brothers - Footsteps In The Dark

"Footsteps In The Dark" was a 1977 slow-moving jam recorded by The Isley Brothers as an album monitor featured on the group"s double-platinum album Go For your Guns. It to be the B-side to your hit "Groove through You". 

It significant the funk group"s member Ron Isley"s first foray into love ballads, i beg your pardon later came to be his staple.

According to Ernie Isley, who wrote, play drums, guitar and produced the song for the group, the incentive for the song was greatly influenced by Jimi Hendrix. (Hendrix" very first recording session was actually through the Isley brother in 1964 with the track "Testify")

The track is about infidelity. 

"My mental drifts now and then,looking down dark corridors wondering what can have been,somethings up a ahead,should I save the exact same direction or go earlier instead?"

Your lady cheating girlfriend on. Other Ron Isley would make a career to sing about. (Remember the 2000"s Mr. Biggs?)

Although ice cream Cube make the most renowned sampled version of the song on "It was A great Day" he wasn"t in reality the very first or just artist to usage it.

The very first to sample it was in reality rap team Compton"s most Wanted. 

Ice Cube initially recorded a demo variation of "It was a an excellent Day" in his home studio. He"d later go on to record the album variation in Los Angeles in ~ Echo Sound Studios in 1992 v his producer DJ Pooh, that would take the sample and include beefed increase bass and drums to the smoothed out track. 

In the song, ice Cube raps about his right day- a pork-free breakfast, the town hall Yo MTV Raps!, gambling, nonchalantly netting a triple double, and having sex.

No violation to Jimmy V, but that sounds favor a hell that a day.

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Cube said Blender in 2007-

Blender - The inspiration was my life at the moment … ns was at the top of the laboratory game. It was the summer of "92 and I remained in a hotel room, really in a state of euphoria. I had all the money I had actually dreamed of. I was in a great frame that mind. And I mental thinking, "Okay, there"s to be the riots, world know ns will deal with that. That"s a given. However I rap every this gangsta stuff—what around all the great days ns had?

The song also samples the much less famous however still super sexy, "Sexy Mama" by The Moments-

In 2012, comedian Donovan stress, overload used clues from the song and the internet to accurately decide what the date was described in ice Cube"s song. 

He claimed on his Tumblr that the day likely arisen on January 20, 1992. Strain discussed that, "The just day whereby Yo! MTV Raps was on air, it to be a clear and also smogless day in Los Angeles, beepers or pagers were commercially sold, Lakers beat the Sonics, and also Ice Cube had no filming commitments to be January 20, 1992."

The short article generated a ton that publicity, eventually inspiring one internet campaign to placed his name on an really blimp. The campaign was successful, and also on January 20, 2014, Goodyear flew ice cream Cube’s blimp end South main LA, raising $25,000 because that charity in the process.

Though appreciative of the interest in the date and the donations raised for a great cause Cube has actually maintained that the date in inquiry is entirely fictional. 

Some other songs that sampled the "Footsteps In The Dark" instrumental include -