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SynopsisYouko Furi certainly looks favor a delinquent: she's got a tough-girl image that wouldn't be the end of place in a gang. As soon as Taira Namito finds himself sitting alongside her in his high school class, he's automatically afraid that her. But as it transforms out, Furi's rough-and-tumble exterior hides a wholesome, totally cute human being underneath–and she's acquired the hots because that Taira. (Not that he has any idea, of course.) One misunderstanding leader to an additional in this romantic comedy about a clueless dude and also the adorable, slightly terrifying affections the the challenging girl through his side!(Source: 7 Seas Entertainment)


Tonari no Furi-san ga Tonikaku Kowai. Has actually been released in English together No matter What you Say, Furi-san is Scary! by 7 Seas Entertainment due to the fact that November 2, 2021.


It's not exactly a 'fresh take', but it virtually feels like one.The whole misunderstood-delinquent partnership shtick might be acquiring close to gift overused, if not already, but Tonari no Furi-san ga Tonikaku Kowai's execution the the cliché is nonetheless one the deserves at least some praise.As much as the storyline and also the personalities that populate it go, there's not really any kind of need for an advent beyond the quick synopsis. But unlike countless others the revolve around a comparable premise, this manga crafts these aspects in a means that prevents becoming annoying and even intolerable, and if anything, that's a an excellent plus.The easy-on-the-eye art just adds to it, and overall it's a nice, fun read. Light to kind 7 - looking front to future chapters.
A cute, fine executed, lighthearted misunderstood-delinquent love story in a sea of bland stories through the very same premise.The young adventure of trying to number out every others feelings and all the stress that comes v it. I prefer that the personalities arent amebas once it comes to relationships. The misunderstandings aren't there just to save us in the limbo of not being sure about each rather feelings and also are being worked on, therefore that's always welcomeI wish that Furi would be a actual delinquent, but that's not what the manga is about so Im no deducting anything because of it, but it would certainly be more interesting that way

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After reading the just released chapter 31 I chose to write a much more recent review. I will mainly emphasis on Furi, the romance and also mental bullying subplot.Furi is without doubt scary - for the first couple of chapters that is. The shtick is no necessarily overused yet in this mangas situation it has no deeper meaning at all and functions as a shallow method to obtain the story going. But that's okay, i guess.The discussed story is nice much greatly Taira gift scared the Furi. All other personalities are too, however after communicating with Furi as soon as they space over it and she is just an additional classmate. Apart from world not gift scared of her anymore and developing all kinds of relationships v Furi, there is a shallow substory in the romance in between Furi and mc. The story is as mentioned prior to shallow and also serves no objective at all until now. That is part of life/school life, so over there is no problem at all.There are 2(3) major characters getting concentrated on, Furi, Taira (and Okuta). All other personalities exist only to drive these characters forward. This is where analysis the manga i do not care frustrating. If Furi and also Taira have actually their thoughts and also feelings shown, no of both plot on any of them because that the very first 25chapters. There is no adjust at all in your behaviour in moments the matter. All pseudo "development" offer no objective at all but......but Furi's personality is really exciting in itself currently when observed properly. Her feelings because that Taira seem to grow ever so slightly but her behaviour indicates that she despises him and would carry out anything to make him feel miserable in ~ times. There often are moment in i beg your pardon Furi walk not acknowledge Taira currently or she disregards him totally to interact with other characters in a means that provides it uncertain if she actually is trying to hurt Taira or simply being ignorant. Once "acting in Taira's favor", she constantly appears not genuine and also as if that is simply for show- for the manga and also the ideal to the romance tag, one might say. Simply some tiny examples; when she provides him food and also wants come share it with other men when she was all around "Taira is eat it uwu" in the blushing panel before, or when she it s okay the opportunity to stay Taira's jacket but takes the course mates one (male) and also embraces it completely or as soon as she always, every solitary time, lets other class mates (male) precise steal Taira's chair to sit next to her. It makes her "affection" (love?) it seems ~ fake- and I wholeheartedly believe it is to plan this way.Later top top in the story Furi randomly is friends with everyone and also uncomfortably close to every male in the manga. It yes, really does not acquire elaborated on yet she all of sudden is extremely close to every male course members (but also non course members), v Taira being the only one still treated choose a Stranger. This goes as much as 90% that Furi's actions transforming into being uncomfortably nearby to any kind of male in her vicinity in former of Taira to hurt him further. At this allude it appears intentional and also as if the writer purposefully want to compromise Taira's mental- and also it transforms out this is a significant subplot in this manga. But still, there is that one blushing panel and also thought about Taira every single chapter, as fake together it can seem.Now, Taira himself turned the end to be much better than expected however still together mediocre together it gets. The tries come iron out his flaws and to prevent being together reserved approximately everyone. Yet he remains a wimp for pretty lot the entirety time. Any type of thought of growth leads to nothing and also after a specific point Furi's (?unintended?) psychological bullying leads to negative thoughts and further scheduled behaviour that Taira even when that tries to connect with Furi over and also over again to just acquire shot down. An instance is, as soon as Furi talks to Okuta and Taira wants to insert himself when getting here in the club room but Furi totally blocks him, stops she conversation and also keeps the a mystery from Taira- make Taira inquiry himself also more. His selfesteem gets hit over and also over- always because that Furi. That is the only interesting thing around the characters interactions. Together of the most recent thing Taira is method more likeable but the way he was made to get there is unsatisfying, also infuriating. The dynamic in between MC and also Furi at this allude is uncomfortable. Every communication now feels prefer 2 strangers in a bus make the efforts to do smalltalk yet when the starts a friend of the woman comes over and tells she "let's leave". That's it. It is together dry together it gets. Taira is putting in all the effort, in the most recent chapters more than ever, but it quiet feels prefer Furi just likes every other actors member much more than him. The most recent chapter (31) just further strengthens this believe- it is again Furi being presented with simple chance to flourish closer finally however she gets, once again, uncomfortably close to a male actors member not offering one shit around Taira. That goes as far as Taira leaving the lively-party-karaoke room defeated with his head hanging, showing exactly how all the mental bullying Furi did/does come him quiet is affecting him.Ultimately, Taira feels favor a punching bag the was to win over and over to type him right into what the is today.I to be at this suggest pretty sure there need to be a mental tag to describe the mangas materials as Taira is acquiring played through in a method that deteriorates his psychological wellbeing for rather a big part that the manga. It is by no method bad, also interesting in ~ times however it is no my cup of tea and also objectively tho a rather average manga at best.