When I observed that Too Faced to be releasing this set for Christmas i just about popped the end of my seat in excitement. I’ve remained in love v their previous holiday Melted releases because they an initial launched Melted candy Cane in 2016(which really demands to make a re-appearance – the shade is phenomenal). 2017 provided us the kindness of Melted Gingerbread Man. And this year? fine not just did we obtain Melted Gingerbread Girl (and a re-release of Gingerbread Man), but we also got four BRAND brand-new SHADES in The Sweet odor of Christmas set!

Too faced – The Sweet odor of Christmas Melted Matte Lipstick Set

What excited me around this collection was not just the truth that every of them has actually a various scent, however they’re also mini sizes. I’m swim in lipstick in ~ this suggest in my life – if I never ever bought another lipstick ns would most likely still be unable to use up whatever I own also if I live to the age of 100. Ns am so very much right here for mini sizes and I wish brands would release castle on the regular, and not simply for the holiday season.

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Size comparison between full size and also mini

For comparison’s sake, the mini version contains 3 mls of product versus the 7 mls you acquire in the complete size product. Price-wise though? A full size Melted Matte will collection you ago $25 CAD/$21 USD, but this entire collection costs $32 CAD/$21 USD which way you’re getting much more bang for your buck by a significant chunk (the mini set is priced at $2.66 CAD every ml, vice versa, the complete size functions out to $3.5 CAD every ml). Not only is the a better value, however you’re likewise getting a lot an ext shades. I can’t call you exactly how much that a win that is because that me. More value, an ext colours, and also they’re all individually scented? In my book, you CANNOT go wrong v that!

Too challenged – The Sweet smell of Christmas swatched – Pumpkin Spice, sugar Cookie, Cinnamon bear & warm Buttered Rum

The shades room scented just how they’re named, which provides them every the an ext enticing due to the fact that their odor profiles are appropriate up mine alley. And the scents room BANG ON, by the method – castle smell exactly like the product they’re emulating!

As come be expected with the Melted Matte range, the pigmentation is exceptional and none the them to be weak whatsoever. You’ll gain full, opaque coverage in one stroke.

Wearing Pumpkin Spice

Of the four in this set, Pumpkin Spice to be my favourite colour on me. It’s a brown-peach v a note of orange in it. The subdued orange element of it renders it much easier to wear because that a lot of people.

Wearing street Cookie

Sugar Cookie surprised me therefore much! I’ve fallen the end of the habit of put on nudes due to the fact that I usually opt for something a bit an ext interesting, however I really loved exactly how this one looked ~ above me. It’s a an excellent nude without looking favor I’ve applied concealer to mine lips due to the fact that it has actually a note of beige/brown in it.

Wearing Cinnamon Bear

Cinnamon Bear is your standard Christmas the shade – a blue-based red with a affluent appearance. Ns was surprised at just how well this one held up on my lips there is no lip primer. I had no lip heat bleed out and very small gathering top top the inner corners of my lips.

Wearing hot Buttered Rum

Hot Buttered Rum is more of a brown v peach i beg your pardon isn’t have to my type of shade, but this one smelled the finest to me. I might barely save myself from sniffing my pipe of it every day at work. That smells for this reason frigging delicious and it’s make me desire to try hot buttered rum this vacation season!

Final Thoughts

I’ve recorded my feelings in the direction of the as well Faced Melted Matte formula in this article from 2016, and also my thoughts have actually remained nice consistent due to the fact that they launched them (over various different shades I’ve do the efforts in the exact same range). All at once I feel that the structure is relatively dry (but no drying top top the lips) and also I get a little bit of collection on the inner corners of my mouth. I likewise feel like the longevity is quite good, although no the longest put on I’ve tried. Every around, it’s a an excellent liquid lipstick, back it’s not my absolute favourite ~ above the market. BUT, what stand apart because that me v Too Faced‘s Melted Matte range is the they do dynamic and different colours, and imbue them v a delicious scent. Therefore while the formula is no my hands down favourite, it yes, really doesn’t matter due to the fact that I reach because that these time and also time again.

What to be interesting about this particular set though… was that i felt like the formula was actually better on these. I have actually no factor to believe that Too Faced has changed their Melted Matte formula, but as whole I uncovered that these minis lasted much longer on lips and were much more comfortable in the long run. This collection is an huge winner because that me, and also I’d encourage you choose it up if you were at all interested in it!

The Sweet odor of Christmas Mini Melted Matte collection by Too Faced deserve to be purchased in ~ sephora.ca for $32 CAD or onsephora.com for$21 USD.

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Emily says:
I love the look at of all of these colours! they all offer me a loss vibe but aren’t the traditional mauve naked or dark red. I’ve been looking for a dupe for Kylie Cosmetics Ginger and also Pumpkin spice looks prefer it to me! might have to choose this up throughout the sale!