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leeoniya top top Feb 6, 2020 | parental | favourite | on: Reverse engineering my router"s firmware with binw...
glad ns flashed latest dd-wrt beta on my archer-c7 v5 :D. Despite my wan-facing an equipment runs OPNSense.i actually choose to run Tomato, yet archer c7 is not broadcom :(can anyone sell advice about dd-wrt vs openwrt (considering make the efforts openwrt).

Latest variation of OpenWRT (19) operation noticeably far better on this device, with better HW offloading support and also based ~ above a practically mainline, modern-day Linux kernel and also a brand brand-new device-tree for the Atheros SoC.What reasons do you have to stay on dd-wrt?

Going from dd-wrt come openwrt have to be as an easy as a firmware speed from the web gui, and an nvram reset. Worst case, you deserve to flash a "revert to stock" picture from ddwrt to go ago to factory, then flash openwrt as if the device was factory.Openwrt likewise has a comfortable failsafe built into a most models. That boots a stripped under http server wherein you deserve to upload restore firmware.Used come swear by dd-wrt, currently I choose openwrt.

Flashing the OpenWRT “factory” (as protest to sysupgrade) picture in the net UI should more than likely work fine, however don’t quote me ~ above it.That’s exactly how I flashed from share to OpenWRT top top 3+ Archer systems anyway. Make certain not to keep settings.

>i actually like to operation Tomato, yet archer c7 is no broadcom :(Not being Broadcom is a very good thing.
reading much more about it, you're right. I always figured that since broadcom was so widely supported by multiple aftermarket firmwares, the it was the many mod-friendly. Guess it was simply the most throughly reversed :/

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Broadcom is certain the worst, because it's the many open-source-unfriendly. It's only had actually a most reverse-engineering attention because it's so ubiquitous (not simply for routers, but for laptops too), yet it's all no thanks to Broadcom.Atheros and also Intel I believe both have good open-source support.