Roman Reigns" meant coronation together WWE world Heavyweight champion came to fruition Sunday night in ~ WrestleMania 32, together he beat Triple H to end up being world champion for a third time in front of a massive crowd at AT&T stadion in Arlington, Texas.

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WWE captured a picture of the finish: 

The history of WWE noted the complement lasted because that 27 minutes and also 11 seconds. One of the highlights of the complement was a Reigns spear of Triple H through the barricade, via the WrestleMania Twitter account:

Stephanie McMahon to be a an essential figure in the match, as she take it a spear from Reigns and detailed a sledgehammer to Triple H, via the WrestleMania Twitter account:

WWE Broadcaster Kyle Edwards detailed an interesting stat concerning the success by Reigns: 

The group reaction in the direction of Reigns to be predictably negative, as listed by and also Arash Markazi of


I shouldn't listen anyone speak Reigns acquired a great reaction tonight. That boo from the crowd was clear as day. #WrestleMania


Not certain a WWE superstar has ever been booed as loudly as roman Reigns tonight.... Https://

The large Dog and also The video game have been at odds for numerous months, dating back specifically come the TLC pay-per-view. Reigns destroyed Triple H in ~ the conclusion that that display after shedding controversially come Sheamus, which set their rivalry in motion.

The King that Kings gained revenge in the imperial Rumble together a surprise entrant in ~ No. 30. Vince and Stephanie McMahon forced Reigns to safeguard the title from the No. 1 slot, however Triple H eliminated him and also then tossed Dean Ambrose to end up being world champion for the 14th time.

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Reigns deserve a rematch at WrestleMania by defeating both Ambrose and also Brock Lesnar in a Triple Threat match at Fastlane; however, that was put out the commission for multiple weeks during the build toward the showcase that immortals once The Cerebral Assassin broke his sleep in a bloody brawl.

The previous Shield powerhouse went back the donate upon his return to action and made it clean he would continue to do life miserable because that Triple H:

Roman Reigns

I can and I will. Beat her ass again. Don't ever before forget the
TripleH... #IWillAgain

Reigns showed additional defiance 2 weeks before WrestleMania when he interrupted a promo by Stephanie and laid out his plans to embarrass Triple H and also the McMahon household at the show of shows, as WWE Universe shared on Twitter:

WWE universe

"I'm walking to was standing in her ring. I'm going come beat your husband. And take my TITLE!" -
WWERomanReigns #RAW

Later that same night, Reigns assaulted Triple H again just for The video game to escape via a limousine, which prompted The Juggernaut to offer a stern warning to the champ:

Roman Reigns

Run while friend still can ... Simply know friend can't park a getaway car ringside at
WrestleMania. #nowheretorun #IWillAgain

Most fans have tabbed Reigns as the handpicked challenge of the company for the past pair of years, and the fact he vied because that the WWE human being Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania because that the 2nd consecutive year certainly bolstered that notion.

Because that that, the most common assumption was that Reigns would certainly win and also get his WrestleMania minute with confetti and also fireworks as top deals with generally do.

Even so, over there was part level of apprehension the it would certainly happen as result of the negative reaction Reigns receives on a continual basis. He often gets a mix that cheers and boos, and he absolutely isn"t a universally beloved figure.

During last year"s main occasion for the human being title between Reigns and Lesnar, Seth Rollins effectively cashed in his Money in the financial institution contract. Although that may have been the plan from the start, the could an extremely well have come about due to the similar reactions Reigns obtained in 2015.

Despite the potential pitfalls, WWE made decision to move forward with Reigns together its civilization champion. That places the onus mostly on the booking committee to ensure the group reacts specifically how they want the fans to, which generally hasn"t to be the case over the past couple of years.

The path in i m sorry Reigns was tackled in the main leading as much as WrestleMania did seem to revolve the edge in a positive way. WWE must now prove it can maintain that type of momentum over the lengthy haul.

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