I"m getting this error top top multiple chance in a manuscript (invoiceplane) I have actually been making use of for a few years now but which hasn"t been kept unfortunately by its creators:

Message: trying to accessibility array balance out on value of type nullMy server has been upgrade to PHP 7.4 and also I"m in search of a method to settle the issues and also maintain the manuscript myself due to the fact that I"m really happy through it.

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This is what"s on the line that offers the error:

$len = $cOTLdata<"char_data"> === null ? 0 : count($cOTLdata<"char_data">);$cOTLdata is passed to the function:

public function trimOTLdata(&$cOTLdata, $Left = true, $Right = true){ $len = $cOTLdata<"char_data"> === null ? 0 : count($cOTLdata<"char_data">); $nLeft = 0; $nRight = 0; //etcIt"s contained in mpdf btw, but simply overwriting the files from the github repository walk not fix the errors.

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This happens due to the fact that $cOTLdata is not null however the table of contents "char_data" does not exist. Previous versions that PHP may have been less strict on such mistakes and also silently swallowed the error / notification while 7.4 go not execute this anymore.

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To inspect whether the index exists or not you deserve to use isset():

isset($cOTLdata<"char_data">)Which means the line have to look something like this:

$len = isset($cOTLdata<"char_data">) ? count($cOTLdata<"char_data">) : 0;Note i switched the then and else cases of the ternary operator because === null is essentially what isset already does (but in the optimistic case).

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