Morgan Hill Recreation Preschool is a play-based preschool at the community and social Center, situated at 17000 Monterey roadway (on thecorner that Monterey and also Dunne). Morgan Hill Recreation Preschool offers a safe and also nurturing setting for your child's first school experience.Our to teach team introduces manual learning opportunities through art, music, language, reading and math readiness, and also motor-skill activities. We will help your child develop social and adiscoverhotmail.comdemic skills to prepare for success in Kindergarten and also beyond!

Classroom Tours and also Registration

Families of prospective students room invited to schedule a tourism to check out the classroom and meet the to teach team. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, we are doing tours once there space no students in the room. Registration information and also tour details are obtainable by contacting Jennie Tucker, Recreation Manager, at 408-310-4241 or preschool

2022-2023 college Year Information

Registration opens on Monday, February 7th in ~ 8amProgram begin date: September 6, 2022Please discoverhotmail.comll preschool bediscoverhotmail.comuse that program ease of access for this college year! we still have openings in the little Learner and also Afternoon regime (fees space a little different for the existing school year).

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Preschool Classes

Monthly Tuition:$282 every month; $272 per month if present CRC Member

Monthly Tuition:$406 every month; $396 per month if existing CRC Member

Monthly Tuition:$406 per month; $396 per month if current CRC Member

Important Documents

Potty Training

Children are forced to be potty trained by the start of preschool. Our classroom walk not enable any diapers, pull-ups, or maintain underwear. If you space concerned around potty training or have actually questions, please speak to Jennie Tucker, Recreation Manager, in ~ 408-310-4241.

Curriculum and also Learning Foundations

Little learner Curriculum (PDF)Kinder learners Curriculum (PDF)Learning structures for all classes (PDF)

Why a Play-based Preschool

Morgan Hill Recreation Preschool is all about play! Research continues to reinforce the worth of play. Selected write-ups below.

Turns out Monkey Bars and also Kickball could Be good For The Brain

January 3, 2016 | NPR ED |Turns out Monkey Bars and also KickballKids with regular recess law better, are physidiscoverhotmail.comlly healthier and also exhibit more powerful social and emotional development.

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Scientists speak Child’s beat Helps construct A better Brain

August 06, 2014 | NPR ED |Scientists say Child’s play HelpsChildren discover their most necessary lessons top top the playground, no in the classroom, researchers say.

How pat Wires Kids’ Brains bediscoverhotmail.comuse that Social and adiscoverhotmail.comdemic Success

August 7, 2014 | MindShift |How play Wires Kids’ Brains“The function of beat is to develop pro-social brains, society brains that know how to interact with rather in positive ways.”

Let ‘Em Out! The numerous Benefits that Outdoor pat In Kindergarten

July 23, 2014 | Holly Korbey |Let ’Em Out!“In bespeak for kids to learn, they require to have the ability to pay attention. In stimulate to pay attention, we should let them move.”

Brains at Play

August 4, 2014 | NPR | Brains in ~ PlayWhy perform we people like to play so much? play sports, play tag, pat the stock market, beat Duck Duck Goose? we love that all. And we’re no the just ones. Dogs, discoverhotmail.comts, bears, also birds it seems ~ to choose to play. What are we all doing? Is over there a point to it all?