The Stealth 500P has actually 50 mm Neodymium drivers. It likewise has a digital signal mounted intended for controlling chat, game and microphone signals. The audio instantly mutes itself once it loser the carrier signal.

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turtle Beach - Ear pressure Stealth 500P Premium fully Wireless Gaming Headset - DTS Headphone:X 7.1 Surround Sound - PS4

The audio input is an optical TOSLINK digital that’s compatible through the 48kHz digital audio stream. Its video game data is Digital Optical, and also surround handling is DTS Headphones:X 7.1. The selection of that is wireless link is as much as 30 feet. This wireless headphone is compatible through the consoles of game stations 3 and 4.

The impedance the this headphone is 32 Ohms. That digital RF wireless transport reception is 2.4 GHz. The design of the microphone is a removable omni-direction microphone, and the earcup style is around-ear.

Design and Build

You can uncover the switch supplied to rotate it on and off on the best ear cup. The volume controls and the audio cable entry is additionally on the ideal side. Top top the left ear cup is the detachable microphone. This headphone has actually a USB dongle that you deserve to use to attach it come the port of your Playstation console.

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Stealth 500P’s battery is a rechargeable Lithium polymer. The headphone instantly shuts itself under after 10 minutes of inactivity.

With this feature, it conserves battery power. The typical battery life of this headphone is 15 hours. You have the right to recharge this wireless headphone with the USB power input.

What’s in the Box

Inside package of the Stealth 500P, friend can find the headset, detachable microphone, and the wireless transmitter. Friend can additionally find inside package the mobile cable, digital optical cable and USB charging cable which space both 2 feet in length. The fast start guide and the turtle Beach sticker are likewise inside.

Extra Features

They’ve built this wireless headphone v a detachable microphone. You have the right to detach the microphone anytime you desire to. The microphone is put on the left earcup and also snaps right into it. Despite it’s detachable, that still feel sturdy and also reliable. Attaching it and removing that is rather easy and also straightforward. The only trouble it has actually is that it doesn’t have an energetic noise cancellation feature.


The sound top quality of this wireless headphones is quite decent. I couldn’t complain at all. Plus, ns like exactly how secure the fits on my head. Also, I prefer the detachable microphone.

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Product Comparison

stealth 500p vs stealth 520 stealth 500p vs 400 stealth 500p vs px4 stealth 500p vs 520p stealth 500p vs sony yellow stealth 500p vs elite 800 stealth 500p vs playstation gold Though it’s detachable, that still feel sturdy and also reliable. Stealth 500p vs px51 stealth 500p vs pulse elite

The Stealth 500P Headphone

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