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Just acquired your new HD TV and also ready to download it on the wall just to find out there are no studs in the wall or the studs room too much for your TV mounting bracket?

If your wall surface studs room too far apart for your TV, it can be a rather frustrating and also alarming situation. However, don’t worry because in this article, we will talk about ways come mount your TV if your TV mount studs are too far apart.

The quickest choice is to use a item of ¾” plywood that have the right to run throughout the distance between the 2 studs. For sure the ply to both studs and also attach the TV mountain on top. Friend can also purchase a larger mount together an even much easier option.

Let’s obtain your TV placed step by step.

Finding The Studs Inside her Wall

First of all, let’s go over the best way to discover your studs just to ensure that you room looking at the right areas on her wall.


The main caveat being that your TV need to be fairly light and also small, through a addressed mount – no an extendable one.

If you’re ok through this restrictions, you can mount the TV securely utilizing the parts obtainable in the mounting kit.

Some that your choices for mounting her TV without wall surface studs or opening your wall surface will include:

Check her mounting kit because that plastic screws intended for plasterboard, just fixing. This screws have huge threads, yet they’re only an ideal for tiny TVs, and also they’re not reliable once using an prolonging arm TV mount. Additionally, they’re less secure if there’s one earthquake or once knocked also hard.Consider installing an additional lining paper on top of your current wall surface using plywood or partial board. However, you’ll have to affix your mount on the new lining before you connect it come the wall because the its thickness.You can’t use the coach bolts in the box, yet some nuts and also washers will certainly come in handy to securely fit v a 1-inch special sheet.

How High have to I mountain The TV?

How high to mount your TV ~ above the wall depends on numerous factors, including:

The size of your TVEye-level heightThe optimum city hall distanceViewing angle

Remember the the optimum height for a 28″ TV will certainly differ from the of a 50″ or 65″ TVs. Because that this reason, you’ll need to measure the distance from the facility of your TV to the floor.

Considering the right viewing distance is also important, though no everyone to know how. Our residence theater viewing street calculator can aid you out v this. For a quick rough check, you deserve to take her TV’s size divided by 0.55 to acquire an idea of a great distance.

That means a 32″ TV have to be around 58 customs away. However, you must take the resolution the the TV into account together well. The calculator will help you through that.

You should likewise think about if you room going to place your center speaker above or listed below your TV before you decision on exactly how to mount your TV as soon as the suds are too much apart. For example, you might want to do the ply mount big enough so that you deserve to mount the center speaker or a soundbar ~ above it as well if necesary.

How far Apart need to The Studs be Placed?

The general consensus on wall stud spacing is around 16 inch on center, however they can additionally be 24 inches.

Experts advice the exterior wall studs room spaced at 24-inch centers, while inner walls are 16 inches on center. If the studs room too nearby or too far apart, take into consideration mounting the TV on one more wall.

How execute You mountain A Tv If The Studs Don’t line Up?

Using a toggle anchor or a toggle bolt is a an excellent way to cave a TV there is no studs. You’ll need to use a hollow wall anchor the looks comparable to a constant screw, with a butterfly toggle in ~ the end. When you’ve placed them in the wall, they’ll connect to the back.

Can You mount A Tv With just 2 Screws?

There is a simple way to calculate this, get the maximum weight rating of her mount, divide that figure by two. If that weighs more than your TV, girlfriend are good to go.With a swivel mount, you need to avoid relocating or tilting as well much, or you might crack the ago of her viewing device. If it’s a do the washing up mount though, you’ll be much more than fine with 2 screws.

Bottom Line

Although most TVs today space ultra-slim, huge screens (50-inches and also above) can be quite hefty when mounting them on the wall. Fortunately, the mounting equipment are quickly available, but you’ll need to drill right into battens or your wall surface studs because that the screws come grip into.

While mounting your TV top top a stud-less wall or as soon as the studs room too far could seem prefer a difficult task, it’s quite manageable if you monitor the procedures in this guide.

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You deserve to us make a plywood mount, a 2×4/metal mount, acquire a sliding bracket or cut open the wall surface and include fixing points. If you’re utilizing a kit, most mounting kit offer comprehensive instructions and also diagrams to help you know which part of the kit go where.