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UGM-TC offers emergency services for the homeless living in Tarrant County. We market breakfast, lunch and also dinner every day because that those in need. In addition, overnight sanctuary for males is available.Meal time for external Guests:Breakfast: 7:00amLunch: 12:30pmDinner: 6:00pmGuests line up to get in the structure 45 minutes prior to meal time in stimulate to get in the chapel. Enjoy the meal times remain regular throughout the year, except for certain holidays.Overnight shelter for Men:Check in wake up at 7:00pm every day in ~ the main entrance the the Men"s structure located at 1331 E. Lancaster. One ID and proof of a TB check within the previous year will be needed in bespeak to spend the night. As soon as temperatures are over 90 degrees or under 40, we accommodate as many world as feasible and work-related with various other shelters and also agencies come find extr space. Men staying overnight have the right to be shifted to the resides Program should they choose and also if an are is available.Men’s Program:The men"s program serves males 18 year of age and also older v a focus on extensive supportive solutions to resolve mental health, substance use, education, employment, transportation, and other demands to offer men the best chance of developing the an abilities and self-confidence to obtain self-sufficiency. The skill-building program offers them with the communication, relationship building, and also social skills necessary to preserve stable employment.Requirements for join to Men’s Building: masculine 18 year of age or older capable of independent life throughout their stay complete an join application, consisting of a complete and factual disclosure of mental and also physical history. Fail to disclose this information will cause the applications for admission to be denied. Have or attain a legal state identification and also Social security card provide a perform of prescription drugs to the situation manager or facility manager. This list must be updated any kind of time a brand-new prescription is offered after becoming a resident. Receive treatment for any type of communicable condition or condition (such together lice) which involves the applicant, before introduced into the communal environment. Have a current TB card issued through a regional shelter or acquire a TB check at the next trial and error date.To learn around our intake procedures & fees, you re welcome call: 817.332.3019Upon entering the program, a skilled social worker conducts a face-to-face considerable assessment v each client. Together, they recognize the client’s strengths and challenges while developing a trusting and also empowering relationship. This is done through a instance management setup designed to deal with the physical, emotional, spiritual and social demands for each client.Women’s Program:The women"s program serves ladies 18 years of age and also older through a focus on helping ladies in dilemm discover their brand-new path because that permanent change toward healing, empowerment, self-supportiveness and also fulfillment of your God-given potential. Women are listed classes on residential violence, personal empowerment, and also budgeting and also computer skills. Instance managers are their supporters linking them to economic opportunities, strong social services and also effective supportive services. Women receive direction on an individual responsibility; self-management; goal-directed behavior; decision-making; and also relationship skills.Family Program:Our families program offer mothers v children, fathers with children and also intact households with children. The family members program concentrates on keeping family members together and also providing them v a safe, whole and also supported environment.

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The onsite instance managers encourage, educate and also empower parents while helping them develop critical skills for a healthy strong family foundation. Life an abilities classes are noted including education classes, early on childhood reading classes, cooking a healthy and balanced meal, more than budgets, an individual social mediate groups, grief and loss groups, and numerous other classes together needed.