sandbox.js:1 bring API cannot pack file:///C:/Users/Lizzi/Desktop/novice%20to%20ninja/todos/luigi.json. URL scheme must be "http" or "https" for CORS request

I"m new to aynchronouse programming but I have actually read up on CORS solutions and also tried things like getting a chrome extension and disabling web security because that my google chrome but it tho doesn"t work.

fetch("todos/luigi.json").then((response)=> console.log("resolved",response);).catch((err)=> console.log("rejected", err););

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javascript promise fetch
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You need to be serving your index.html locally or have your site organized on a live server somewhere for the having API to job-related properly. The records need to be offered using the http or https protocols.

If you simply clicked on her index.html from your record explorer than your browser is grabbing those files directly from your document system. This is why the error is showing you an absolute path from the source folder on girlfriend computer.

Try installing one of these...- npm serve- Live server (an expansion for intuitive Studio password if you room using that)

Or every little thing server the will work-related with your environment.

Should occupational fine when you spin up a server :) happy coding!

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fetch API cannot pack file:///C:/Users/Jack/Desktop/Books_H/book-site/public/api/books. URL scheme have to be "http" or "https" for CORS inquiry
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