Veho Muvi K2 NPNG is the second most an effective action camera from their K2 series. That rugged design quickly gathered the evaluation of countless users. So in bespeak to watch what all the exaggeration is about, I chose to execute a little review the the camera. The is asserted to complete with the GoPro’s and I deserve to see that. $124 because that an activity camera through an LCD screen and quite a huge variety of equipment – the best deal I have actually viewed in a while. Therefore let’s watch how an excellent this activity camera really is.

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Technical Specification

Dimensions: 60x40x23mm / 2.4×1.6×0.9″ Chipset: XA-7-Achilles angle Of View: 140° video resolutions: 1080p 60fps; 720p 120fps Photo: 16MP Modes: Burst, time-lapse, loop-recording Features: WiFi, LCD display screen Memory: up to 64GB microSD Price: $124

In The Box

Veho Muvi K2 NPNG action camera Rugged case USB charging cable K-series tripod mount, ideal angle mount, level velcro mount, level 3M mount,tripod arm, 3M curved helmet mount, helmet front mount Waterproof case, flat earlier for waterproof case, anti-mist tabs, LCD ago for waterproof case LCD display screen 8GB MicroSD map

Design & Accessories

The Veho Muvi K2 NPNG action camera is no too far off in the design of a GoPro, however there are some major differences. For instance the physics controls. To begin recording, press the switch on the front and also to stop, use the switch on the peak (red square). The other switch right above it is devoted for acquisition photos. The prior has likewise got 2 switches for turning on the camera and WiFi. Over there is likewise a small LCD ~ above the peak of the camera that let’s friend know exactly how much an are there is left on your microSD card. On the side, friend will discover a compartment because that the HDMI, miniUSB and microSD slots. As far as the top quality goes, I’d say the it is constructed really well. The plastic feels solid and also strong. The camera itself actually looks really rugged and not choose it will break after ~ the an initial drop.


As you could had noticed, over there aren’t any kind of buttons for settings. All of the action camera settings have the right to be changed via the Veho Muvi K2 smartphone app, i beg your pardon is easily accessible in the Google pat Store and Apple app store. The app is the only method to see and adjust the settings of the activity camera. Considering just how annoying it usually is to readjust settings via buttons, it could actually not be a bad thing to only enable it via one app. It has saved an are and enabled them to focus on other aspects, such as making the application as user friendly together possible.


If you go v the Veho Muvi K2 NPNG activity camera, climate you will get quite a nice choice of different accessories. I called them all under “In the box”. There room some that deserve little much more info though. The waterproof instance that comes with the activity camera, is more than likely the bulkiest case I have ever before seen. That is massive. However, the isn’t exactly negative as the case is waterproof up to 100m / 328ft. That is an ext than any other activity camera, including the GoPro. Another accessory that comes with the K2 NPNG is one LCD screen. It simply snaps to the ago of the action camera, i m sorry will include extra thickness. The LCD module also permits you to access the food selection and adjust settings right from the camera, as it has actually extra buttons ~ above the top and also side. Ns really like that the is removable as it permits me to conserve battery when I don’t have to use it.

Video & Features

Here is a video taken with the Veho Muvi K2, which was mounted onto a bicycles handlebar. Because of that, the footage is type of “jumpy” but I would certainly still speak it is really good. Particularly for not having a digital picture stabilization system. Which automatically puts it into the same group as GoPro. The very first thing that i noticed space the beautiful herbal colors. The reds, blues haven’t to be over saturated. Secondly, over there is part blur because the camera is moving. Nothing much, just on the stone pavement. Once it gets closer come the focus point, it gets rid of up and you have the right to see the information again. Everything else is still spicy though. You have the right to read the cars patent plates without any issues. The to me is a clear sign that camera keeps its clarity.

The Veho Muvi K2 looks amazing underwater. It has beautiful colors, sharpness and also really an excellent details. I barely see any type of blur at all, possibly at the corners together they are away indigenous the focus point. Other than that, beautiful. I perform want to include that the video clip quality obviously i will not ~ be as good everywhere. With underwater videos, it largely depends ~ above the light and the shade of the water. If there is hardly any type of light climate it will certainly be way too dark to acquire the super quite colors and sharpness as shown here.

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Veho want to produce an activity camera that would have the GoPro high quality while gift cheaper. V the an option of accessories, construct quality and video clip quality in ~ 1080p, I’d say that they have actually done specifically that. Is this camera for you if you are searching for 4K? obviously not. But if friend are looking for a great action camera v plenty the accessories and also an actually an excellent software, while no wanting to spend crazy money on a GoPro, climate the Veho Muvi K2 NPNG is a an excellent action camera for you.