Currently the best resource of loot details is this spreadsheet, which comes to loot ~ above high level characters. I have seen rumours about how the loot functions on lower level characters, however the lack of concrete information has actually bothered me.

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I collection out come collect part data top top a fresh account. I restricted my experimentation mainly to commendation chests, so that I can gather far-ranging enough quantity of data in reasonable time. I opened up 103 commendation box on level 12 character. The data and also graphs can be found from this spreadsheet.


Orange items dropped at substantially lower rate compared to high level character (2.6% vs 10.8%). 3rd of the items were melee weapons, third ranged weapons, 3rd jewelry. Hero power of brand-new items seemed to be based on the average of the highest possible seen items of the 5 slots: (M+R+N+C+T)/5. Loved one power of brand-new items seemed to decrease as the items power flourished (from -5.4/+10.6 at 70 power to -5.4/+5.4 in ~ 200 power). Ns didn"t get any type of hats, which, if unlucky, is not that the end of the ordinary.

After the commendation boxes, ns did part crafting and opened different kinds the chests top top level 24 character. The data (which have the right to be discovered from the link above) appeared to support all of the above points. The exception to this was random item crafting, which appears to have equal circulation of items across the five slots. This is various from chests, where the distribution is break-up in three (melee/ranged/jewelry).

All in all, if you room a new player, you should constantly craft items come the slot, i beg your pardon lags behind in power compared to the various other slots. The aim is to open up boxes, once all five slots have approximately equal hero power. In particular you have to pay attention to jewel slots, since their power is vulnerable to falling behind (because chests have an ext weapons 보다 jewelry). In comparison jewelry slots impact power of new items a lot, because, well, three of the 5 slots are jewelry. If you space running low on gemcutter"s kits, girlfriend can shot crafting random items.

Scrap is plentiful, therefore don"t be fear to burn it.

There space still three inquiries I"m interested in, yet I will not test them further.

The very first one is the noticeable one: how does character level impact red article drops? The data I built up practically doesn"t to speak anything about this, but I think it"s safest to assume over there is some type of scaling similar to orange items.

The second thing I"m curious around is if item high quality scaling works as much as level 35. Prior to Winds of Magic was released, the level cap was 30. Go Fatshark change the scaling to consider those included extra five levels, or does the scaling still lid at level 30?

The 3rd question concerns this line in game:

Chests exist v six different tiers for each challenge level. Every tier increases the possibility of receiving items of greater quality and Power.

The data i collected about this is very limited, but it might indicate this is true. If that"s the case, collecting publications might advice hero power progression a bit.

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