Veronica Vega, famously well-known for she hit track “Wicked,” is a singer, songwriter, and also guitarist. She was born in Miami, Florida, and also raised by she grandparents, who stayed in Hialeah, Florida, because her parental were too young to treatment for her. Although her father is Cuban, and also the mommy is Venezuelan, Veronica is expert in both English and also Spanish. Regardless of being a celebrity, she keeps some sectors of she life private, so here are some facts you might not have actually known around her. 1. She is a fact star Veronica to be on “Love & Hip-hop: Miami,” back she was hesitant10 things You no Know around Veronica Vega

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Veronica Vega indigenous Love & hip Hop Miami: whatever you need to recognize

17 January 2019 by Shaunee flower
sign up with our news to get more stories favor this Veronica Vega went back for Season 2 the Love & hip Hop: Miami and she never disappoints once it involves jumping in the drama. Veronica is a singer who obtained her begin in the organization at age 13 and also while the qualifies she for the “hip hop” element of the VH1 series, she’s controlled to north up fairly a little of controversy too. What is Veronica Vega’s ethnicity? The 27-year old singer was raised in Hialeah, Florida, which is a suburb that Miami. Her father is Cuban and also her mom is <…>The write-up Veronica Vega native Love & hip Hop Miami: whatever you require to know appeared first on Monsters and also Critics.
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Love & i know well Hop: Miami: Season Two; VH1 collection Returns in 2019

21 November 2018 by
VH1 is headin' back to The Magic City. The network just announced the premiere date for season two of Love & i know well Hop: Miami.The spinoff collection follows the lives of those affiliated in Miami's i know well hop music scene. Returning actors members include Amara La Negra, Trina, trick Daddy, Bobby Lytes, Gunplay, Keyara Stone, Prince, Veronica Vega, Miami Tip, and Shay Johnson.Read More…
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Bobby Lytes put on ‘Make America happy Again’ to VMAs

21 respectable 2018 by Tara Bitran
._V1_SY300_CR100,0,200,300_AL_.jpg 2x" alt="Bobby Lytes wears ‘Make America happy Again’ come VMAs" >
Bobby Lytes of “Love & i know good Hop” Miami made tide on the MTV video clip Music Awards red carpet on Monday night, as he donned a “Make America happy Again” jacket.Lytes is the very first openly gay cast member of the VH1 franchise. Increased in Florida to Dominican parents, he’s a relationship to the artist Trina.The rapper turn the trump slogan ~ above its head in what was one of the boldest red carpet statements.The Miami variation of the well-known reality display premiered in January and featured Trina and also Lytes in addition to Prince, Amara La Negra, Gunplay, Veronica Vega, Shay Johnson and Trick Daddy.He wasn’t the only VMAs attendee to acquire political during the show. Later on in the night, Logic delivered a powerful performance the “One Day” using a background of immigration illustrated by a U.S. Border Patrol graphic and also a T-shirt that check out “F— the Wall,
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Amara La Negra has No connection With Young Hollywood after *Those* comment (Exclusive)

20 march 2018 through Amber Belus
The very first season that Love & i know good Hop: Miami was certainly a wild one — and also it was hard to shake episode 1, once producer Young Hollywood told rising artist Amara La Negra to adjust up her signature Afro-Latina looks, particularly her hair. Hollywood even received death threats ~ making those insensitive remarks ~ above camera, and also the gorgeous songstress specifically told In Touch about where they was standing today. "There is no relationship between us. I cannot it is in upset when there is truly a absence of expertise in the culture and around being an Afro-Latina," Amara said via e-mail this week. She also opened up about how the felt to clock her former friend, Veronica Vega, walk on a day with that knowing just how she felt. "I was surprised at first but ~ truly being able to see what the people saw conveyed from the both of lock on this season, nothing surprises me.
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clock Love & hip Hop: Miami Online: Season 1 episode 4

23 January 2018 by Paul Dailly
did Jeffrey and also Malik go also far?That to be the huge question on Love & i know good Hop: Miami Season 1 illustration 4 when they acquired sloppy do the efforts to save their to work on the down low. Watch Love & i know well Hop: Miami Season 1 episode 4 OnlineMeanwhile, Prince was required to uncover a new place to continue to be after he and also Prince Liz had their best bust-up to date. Also, Amara faced Veronica Vega about her association through Young Hollywood. Did she acquire the answer she needed?Use the video clip above to watch Love & i know well Hop: Miami digital right right here via TV Fanatic. Get captured up top top the drama now.
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Amara La Negra shocked by Veronica Vega agreeing to day Young Hollywood after comment

15 January 2018 by Julian Cheatle
Amara La Negra reveals she shock ~ above this week’s Love & i know well Hop: Miami after hearing Veronica Vega i agree to day Young Hollywood. Amara is said the news through Steph Lecor and is no amused, adhering to music producer Hollywood’s comments about her style. Steph tells him that he admitted come her that he fan Amara one apology, but that the would only do it if Veronica went on a day with him. The fact that Veronica is even entertaining the idea doesn’t sit well through Amara, who questions her loyalty. And also she discover she’s no planning on having actually anything come an ext
Did trick get earlier together through his estranged wife?That to be the large question on Love & i know well Hop: Miami Season 1 illustration 2 when joy showed up will on recognize closure. Watch Love & i know well Hop: Miami Season 1 episode 2 OnlineMeanwhile, Gunplay reconnected with an old flame, yet did it reason him a entirety lot the heartbreak?Also, Veronica Vega and also Steph Lecor went after Young Hollywood due to the fact that they want an apology. Did prolonging the olive branch job-related out in their favor?Use the video clip above to clock Love & hip Hop: Miami online right below via TV Fanatic. View Slideshow: gold Globes 2018 image - how Did #TimesUp change the Red Carpet?Get recorded up on all the recent twists now.

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