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We uncovered 1 feasible solution for the Person in a Kinks tune who "walks choose a woman and also talks prefer a man" clue.

feasible Solution

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day-to-day Pop Crosswords clues November 02, 2021
Every last one
Surname that the brothers in the bee Gees
Sign the a previous injury
Brooks & Dunn, e.g.

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Rideshare app
"___, matey!"
Internet connection initials
Detective Wolfe the crime fiction
"The Handmaid's ___" (Elisabeth Moss series)
"That Don't impress Me Much" singer that was honored with the "Billboard" females in Music symbol Award in 2016 (2 wds.)
Banking convenience in a mini-mart
"___ walk Down" (song ~ above Lil Nas X's "Montero")
Urgent request
With 42-Down, "Halt and Catch Fire" actor
Moo ___ pork (takeout dish)
"If You had actually My Love" singer that was honored with the "Billboard" ladies in Music symbol Award in 2020 (2 wds.)
Piece the lawn
CAT scan cousin, for short
Curly hairdo
"Mona Lisa lost Her Smile" singer David Allan ___
"Time after Time" singer who was honored with the "Billboard" women in Music symbol Award in 2018 (2 wds.)
Entry point
Bouncer's concern when check IDs
"Nine Perfect Strangers" streaming service
"Are friend ___ out?" ("Joining us?") (2 wds.)
Corn discard
1980s band men Without ___
Jimmy V Award for Perseverance, because that one
In-flight prediction, for short
Throws in
Person in a Kinks track who "walks like a woman and also talks prefer a man"
Put the pedal come the steel (2 wds.)
Letter-shaped structure support (Hyph.)
"Mary Poppins" chimney sweep
Firefox or Safari
"Nights in White ___" (Moody Blues hit)
"Let Them every Talk" actress Gemma
Pioneering internet service provider
Ham on ___
Flatbread offered with tandoori chicken
"The land of Painted Caves" novelist Jean
Attire for a slumber party, casually
Summer zodiac sign
Luau garland
Letters on a sunscreen bottle
"Tell ___ around It" (Billy Joel hit song)
"Mrs. America" Emmy-winning actress ___ Aduba
Bruce Springsteen's "___ Fire" (2 wds.)
Singer Mercury played by Rami Malek in "Bohemian Rhapsody"
Honolulu's island
"Wrecking Ball" singer Miley
"___ man B" (song in the jukebox musical "Good Vibrations")
"It had to be You" crooner ___ Connick Jr.
Indianapolis NFL player
Electrified atom particles
See 26-Across
Acronym for the four significant showbiz awards (Abbr.)
"Does he Love You" singer McEntire
"Now I obtain it!" sound
2018 Best new Artist Grammy winner ___ Lipa