It"s very annoying switching weapons to death sentients,and I normally die in the process.The only means I"ve eliminated senteinst so much is utilizing excal and using exalted blade.

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Is there any type of other means to death them easily?

(I"m mr 7 trying to not die on lua come sentients)

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Define easily?

Valkyr hysteria works great if friend don’t desire to die.

I normally run Valkyr or Mag come fight them. Mag’s cartridge attractor bubble functions well. Because that a while, girlfriend could also Rhino stomp them, not certain if it’s still a point though.



It"s very annoying switching weapons to kill sentients,and I usually die in the process.The only way I"ve killed senteinst so much is making use of excal and also using exalted blade.

Is there any kind of other way to death them easily?

(I"m mr 7 do the efforts to no die on lua come sentients)

Well yes there is one but... You"ll need to do war Within to have the ability to do it. 


It is to usage the ability you obtain from the very an accurate quest to literally wipe the Sentients clean of your immunities. 


I just lug my most OP equipment... However if no i shot cc abilities on castle such as excal"s radial blind or volt"s overload to pen them in place and make them protect against attacking. Makes it a lot easier to fill them v rounds in that case.


Fun reality not numerous now the you deserve to "void beam" your defence away cus during the story you never discover this cus during the time you encounter them for the 1st time the operator wasn´t unlocked and during the "escape" castle couldn´t gain any kind of resistence.

In an really indirect method this to be the only hint the story gave you the Sentients shed their up construct resistence cus during the Void Beam intake they couldn´t gain any type of cus they space vulnurable to the void.


Mag. She can pop them favor zits v magnetize. I prefer to usage the Mara Detron. Any type of projectile based weapon will occupational though. Build her for duration. The longer polarize is up, the much easier it will be to survive, and also it will store the sentients bubbled because that a an excellent length of time as well. I"d recommend she shield polarize augment, over redirection. But you might not have easy accessibility to syndicate mods yet. 

Not sure around easily, but a few strategies that I"ve found worked well because that me:

Rhino. Construct for strength, then duration. Lug weapons with high damage (personally, i favor the Vaykor Hek, brakk, and also Galatine Prime, yet that"s at the very least partially an individual preference) rather than RoF, and also make sure they"re sporting various damage types (especially elemental loss being included via mods). Get iron skin running before the sentients show up (probably goes without saying, yet seeing as I just finished a sortie mission whereby I forgot it till after the first time I had to be revived...). As soon as the sentients display up, roar to acquire your damage boost going, stomp to shock them (and anything rather unfortunate enough to be also close), then unload. Renew roar and stomp (and, that course, stole skin) if one of two people of lock expires before you"re done with the sentients (if you require an power restore for this, use it), and also switch weapons after every 2 resistances get included (for my usual config, the VH is greatly tilted towards puncture and rad. As soon as they"re resisting both, I have the right to either quick-melee through the Galatine prime"s slash and also corrosive, or move to the brakk"s impact and magnetic. With a best of 5 resistances at as soon as (and unless it"s obtaining them common from a fellow sentient, many of those don"t kick in until fairly late), the worst instance scenario here has one of mine 3 weapons gaining around half its damages through - though through the damage rise from roar, it"s not uncommon to blow through multiple damage-gates in ~ once, nor particularly unlikely to have actually the an initial resist walk to the blast damages inflicted by stomp.

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Ivara. This one offers a relatively standard prowl build. I tend to go dread, rakta ballistica, zenurik because that this set-up (a thrown melee can substitute because that zenurik, but I feeling the zenurik does better. The huge things come look for room projectiles (I like slower ones), together hitscan weapons don"t job-related for this Once again, mod for different damage types, and damage over rof. As soon as the sentients popular music up, acquire clear of lock - some distance is good, but an ext importantly, you desire to make sure there"s no present of sight in between you and them (though you"ll need some way to obtain from where you room to whereby they are. Activate prowl (if friend didn"t currently have that going), then use navigator to overview your shots earlier around the corner(s) and also into her targets. This strategy is over-all slower, despite the damage multiplier for navigator have the right to partially make up for it. If there"s no various other enemies roughly to trigger strikes from the sentients, (or if you just want come live a little bit dangerously), you may want come prowl earlier in to try to pickpocket the sentients (the conculyst"s Vengeful Revenant and Broken War parts are especially nice). Also, keep an eye the end for whereby the sentients - and other opponents - are. The last point you require is finishing up dead due to the fact that one of them wandered over and nuked the room.