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When confronted with the stress and also complexity that arranging a memorial or funeral, countless Southeastern Massachusetts families rely ~ above the compassion, strength and professional guidance of the kind people at Waring-Sullivan house of Memorial Tribute at Cherry location in loss River. V a long background and one experienced, devoted staff, us are best here, prepared to assist when you need us.

A compassionate and comfortable funeral home

We want you to feel at residence in our home. Our bright yellow Colonial-style funeral home, through a pair that porticos, blends in v the residential neighborhood. A large skylight in the foyer the the funeral residence lets in plenty of daylight, and also our fireplace invites you come sit because that a little in the winter. Pink and also blue tones lend a small cheer come the space. There"s many of parking, and also the funeral house is handicapped accessible.

Though our facility is beautiful, it"s our impeccable business for which we are known. Loss River is a varied area and our employee is well versed and also proud to serve all faiths and also nationalities.

Plenty of room for her friends and also family

Our fall River funeral home generally performs huge services. The main chapel seats 125 world in a life room-style setup with huge tables and sofas. It"s easy to personalize the an are with photos and mementos of her loved one; a big TV can present a multimedia memorial tribute. There"s likewise a keyboard for live music. For smaller sized services, a second chapel accommodates 75. For gatherings that a pair hundred we incorporate the chapels.

If you"d choose to organize a catered gathering before or ~ a service, we job-related with number of 3rd-party caterers that will let you customize your menus. From a breakfast buffet come a cake-and-coffee break to a seafood dinner, just let us know what you"d like. And also if what you"d like is grandma"s blueberry pie or her favorite uncle"s chowder, we"ll take it a treasured household recipe and also make it the centerpiece the the meal.

Fall River neighborhood involvement

Waring-Sullivan residence of Memorial Tribute in ~ Cherry location makes it a priority come give earlier to the community. Each month, the funeral house donates to multiple autumn River charities. Throughout the year, we host a range of occasions on and also off the funeral home grounds, consisting of trips to Foxwoods resort & Casino. Every June, we host over 100 city employees at our annual Appreciation Cookout.

We likewise host an yearly grief monitoring seminar i beg your pardon is open to the public, illustration hundreds of world every year. Featured speaker have had Thomas Lynch, Dr. Alan Wolfelt, Sherri L. Williams, Sally Spencer-Thomas and also Dr. Kenneth J. Doka.

Because our care for your family does not finish after the funeral is over, we hold a grief monitoring seminar at a restaurant in Swansea as soon as per year. That is open up to the public and draws thousands of people. We additionally offer continuing education classes because that local treatment professionals featuring speakers such as cutting board Lynch and also David Kessler.

Lean top top us

At Waring-Sullivan residence of Memorial Tribute in ~ Cherry Place, creative, sympathetic and also professional counselors work-related with girlfriend to produce a classic orcontemporary servicethat will certainly be whatever you want, consisting of affordable. Please call us work or night.

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Waring-Sullivan has actually a long history in Massachusetts. In the 1860s, Henry Waring opened a furniture save that additionally sold caskets. In 1871, Henry convert the service to a funeral home. In 1883, Henry"s son, James H. Waring, join in his father"s business. Today, the fifth generation that the Waring household carries top top a legacy of several of the ideal funeral andcremation servicesavailable.