I run the complying with C codes and got a warning: manage reaches end of non-void function

int main(void) Any suggestions?



Just placed return 0 in your main(). Your function main returns an int (int main(void)) as such you should include a return in the end of it.

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Control reaches the finish of a non-void function

Problem: I received the following warning:warning: control reaches end of non-void function

Solution: This warning is comparable to the warning defined in Return with no value. If manage reaches the end of a duty and no return is encountered, GCC assumes a return with no return value. However, because that this, the duty requires a return value. At the finish of the function, add a return statement that returns a an ideal return value, even if regulate never reaches there.



int main(void) my_strcpy(strB, strA); puts(strB); return 0;
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As an alternative to the noticeable solution of including a return statement come main(), you have the right to use a C99 compiler (“gcc -std=c99” if you are using GCC).

In C99 it is legal because that main() no to have actually a return statement, and then the final } implicitly returns 0.

$ gcc -c -Wall t.ct.c: In role ‘main’:t.c:20: warning: control reaches end of non-void function$ gcc -c -Wall -std=c99 t.c$ A note that purists would think about important: you need to not solve the warning by proclaiming main() as returning type void.

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The main duty has a return-type the int, as indicated in

int main(void)however her main function does not return anything, it closes after


return 0;after that and it will certainly work.

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