Sen. Kamala Harris has been chosen to operation on the autonomous ticket through presumptive nominee Joe Biden. The two, who had once been rivals earlier in to run for the nomination, will now join forces to take it on president Donald Trump in December.

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But Harris has actually a lengthy political background beginning in California and has spent years climbing the public business ladder of success starting from her days as District attorney in mountain Francisco to eventually becoming a United claims Senator.

If your ticket wins, Biden"s an option in she will location Harris one step away from gift in the most powerful office in the world. Below are 5 things to know about the brand-new vice presidential nominee.

She’s the first African American and the very first Indian-American woman to operation for VP on a significant party ticket

Harris was born in 1964 to a dad of Jamaican heritage, Donald Harris and a mom who was born in India, Shyamala Gopalan, that met when attending the university of California Berkeley as graduate students. She has actually touted both she Black and also Indian heritage, informing the Los Angeles Times the she and also her sisters Maya thrived up attending both a Baptist church and a Hindu temple

SenKamalaHarris ) Going come School during Childhood work

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She Is one HBCU Graduate

Harris i graduated from Howard university in 1986. While there, she was first exposed come the worldwide activist stage when she was among the countless students who demonstrated in prior of the southern African embassy in Washington D.C. Versus apartheid, follow to The Washington Post. Years later at Howard’s 2017 commencement, she issued a an obstacle to the emerging graduates saying, "You can march for Black stays on the street, and you deserve to ensure legislation enforcement accountability by serving as a prosecutor or on a police commission. The fact is on many matters, somebody is walking to do the decision -- therefore why not let it be you?" 

RobinGivhan"s fantastic piece on just how Howard university shaped Harris, where she claims "I became an adult. very directly influenced and reinforced — equally necessary — my feeling of gift and an interpretation and reasons for being."

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She started out as a prosecutor

Before she became a U.S. Senator, Kamala Harris operated her means up the state’s prosecutorial system, very first working as a deputy ar attorney in Alameda County whereby she dedicated in prosecuting boy sexual assault cases. She ended up being San Francisco ar Attorney in 2004 where she raised the felony conviction rates from simply over 50 percent once she took office to 76 percent in 2009. Harris was additionally a staunch opponent of the death penalty, also when dubbed to look for it as soon as a mountain Francisco policeman was killed in the line of duty.

She eventually ended up being California Attorney general where she started agencies favor the bureau of children Justice, and introduced implicit bias training because that police after ~ a decision of police shootings swept throughout the nation.

She has come to be a major voice the opposite the trump Administration

Harris was elected to the U.S. Senate in 2016. Nearly immediately, she ended up being a vocal enemy to chairman Trump’s policies. She was among the an initial to contact out what was referred to as Trump’s “Muslim Ban” as soon as he signed an executive, management order prevent citizens of Muslim majority nations. Throughout senate sessions she has actually spent plenty of hours grilling trump card appointees including former Attorney general Jeff Sessions, supreme Court righteousness Brett Kavanaugh and also CIA director Gina Haspel. She likewise held trumped responsible for showing leadership during the coronavirus pandemic. 

"The buck stops with him. You know, here"s the thing, this is a minute of international crisis," Harris claimed on ABC’s ‘The View’ "And this is whereby leaders must lead."

She has actually Published three Books

Harris published her memoir entitled, “The Truths us Hold: one American Journey” in 2019, which became a new York times bestseller. The book told she story of gift the daughter the immigrant parents and rising to come to be U.S. Senator. While serving as san Francisco district Attorney, she also published "Smart ~ above Crime: A career Prosecutor"s setup to Make united state Safer," which outlined her theories ~ above criminal justice reform.

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She also authored a children’s book, “Superheroes room Everywhere.” The pictorial publication illustrates to kids how they have the right to find world to depend on, and how they deserve to be superheroes themselves.