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Episode 87: Too short to Ride


I say the society is the issue rather 보다 the disabilities because expectations space the just actual impediments dealing with Peridot or Amethyst. Sure, they’re both smaller than average, Amethyst due to the circumstances of she birth and also Peridot due to resource rationing. Amethyst isn’t as physically solid as a usual quartz, and also Peridot can’t shapeshift. But they’re only made to feeling incapable due to the fact that of what jewel deem important, and man oh guy is the a facility take because that a children’s display to explore.

Especially due to the fact that the Gem culture in concern isn’t restricted to Homeworld, Amethyst could feel down since of extraterrestrial views on what she should be, but Peridot’s sense of inferiority stems native the actions of 2 earthlings. Steven and also Amethyst space innocent as have the right to be in their use of shapeshifting, however their eventual insistence for Peridot to try and use these powers shows the social threats of normalizing physical abilities that others can not have to share. Even when you typical well, you deserve to hurt people without an interpretation to if you’re no paying attention.

However, Too short to Ridehas a an important ingredient to this lesson that all too often goes forgotten: grace. One extremist take on the episode is the Steven and Amethyst room monstrous for not thinking around what your friend needs and for belittling her disability, and because this is a gradual show, I’m sure certain progressive fans might buy into this reading. However while it’s crucial to be aware of the requirements of others, it’s honestly just as crucial to no demonize folks that make honest mistakes native a ar of caring. The sucks, and also it’s awkward, however it’s difficult to learn how to be the finest friend you can be there is no stumbles.

If i seem choose I’m acquiring super in the weeds on the lesson, it’s because this is the episode where we first see Peridot tweeting cheeping, which renders me think of the brilliant composing of Jesse Zuke (credited as Lauren), i m sorry unfortunately renders me also think the how details elements the the Steven world fandom are more interested in biting people’s heads off at any kind of hint of ideological impurity 보다 they room in treating human being with grace. So yeah. Please be patient, and please be kind.


This strange feels like a townie episode, even thoughPeridot is by nobody’s meaning a townie. A significant factor is the Funland setting, complete with the most Mr. Smiley we’ve viewed in one sitting hence far. Another is that also though Peridot is a decision Gem now, she’sliving off-site with an unaligned Gem roommate and also popping in because that occasional adventures fairly than gift a regular presence in the format of our 4 leads. Add references come hand-specific shapeshifting native Cat Fingersand Steven’s “lifetime” half from significant Steven, andToo brief to Rideearns some serious early-episode nostalgia points.

However, the present has evolved past several of the beforehand episode flaws that once held it back. Unable to do is the directionless pacing of Cat Fingersor the stroked nerves Steven of severe Steven, and great riddance come both. The speed does meander, especially throughout the multiple scenes of Steven and also Amethyst shapeshifting lengthy after we’ve gotten the allude (they’re having actually fun and Peridot isn’t), yet I’m fine through the mood that this elongated setup brings. Peridot doesn’t simply feel left out, she’s bored, and while i don’t think the intention is to bore the audience, after ~ watching the illustration a few times it’s pretty to see that a personality is together interested at getting to the point already together I am.

The opening sequence shows a Peridot that’s chipper, curious, and cute (she has a ribbon in she hair since she’s a gift to the world), but not without her trademark arrogance or hyperliteral worldview. It’s crucial to check out her in together a an excellent mood, excited both to receive her gift and to present it turn off to Amethyst, due to the fact that otherwise that wouldn’t be remarkable that the show’s residents fussbudget is do a fuss at Funland. There’s still reliable storytelling here despite the slow-moving second act.

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This is a funny episode in general, despite its hefty themes. It’s good to view this lot Mr. Smiley, especially when exhaustion dials up the required cheer factor, and we get one that my favourite Onion gags. However Peridot’s descriptions, a Florido’n’Zuke specialty, room the real heroes. Her strange terminology because that the mundane is a dependable gag, but you get the feeling that she’s weird also for a Gem here: because that instance, the alien toy she desire doesn’t just have a large head, but one that’s “swollen through thoughts.”

Peridot doesn’t right in, for this reason it’s sweet to watch Steven and Amethyst invite her follow me for a job on the boardwalk, even if it doesn’t work as planned. While Steven it s okay a bit less to carry out than Amethyst, Amethyst is the one who much better understands what Peridot is walk through. His is a view of someone that can’t execute things yet can learn, but Amethyst is every too mindful of what she can’t do, period. It’ll be an additional stretch prior to her story continues, yet it’s among the ideal the series has to offer.

I’ve never ever been to this…how execute you say…school?

Would Shorty Squad starting member Amethyst really have actually a problem bumping into something that’s high up? Is Steven in ~ a institution where he has to be a principal and a teacher and also a coach? Am ns stupid for analyzing a funny picture in an alternative universe through a logical lens?


We’re the one, we’re the ONE! TWO! THREE! FOUR!

The slow-moving pace prevents Too quick to Ridefrom being a favorite, but it’s a funny, systematic episode with a favourite character. I don’t love it, yet I favor it, for this reason it’s a great thing I have actually a category for every of those options!

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