Two months prior to Martin Luther King, Jr. Was assassinated, he discussed the struggle for civil rights and also said: “We must accept finite disappointment, however never lose limitless hope.”

This year as we celebrate Dr. King life and also extraordinary achievements, these words have extr resonance.

They remind us that perfidy, narcissism, and also callousness, i m sorry have identified this president and reached your apogee on January 6th, room finite. 

That the expect of democracy and trust inserted in american of all political stripes to pick decency and also truth in ~ the ballot crate was not misplaced. 

That propelled by principles rather 보다 personality, many would uncover the vessel to execute what to be right. Both democracy and vital Republicans was standing up for the truth and against the tyranny of choice falsehoods. 

And, together fitting because that a message yielded in likewise dark times, the a country was ready to embark ~ above a brand-new path towards addressing the systemic racism that proceeds to bedevil this Republic.

Dr. King’s words also offer motivation to acquire us with the pandemic. 

While the “disappointments” the COVID-19 have actually been deadly, and of a scale that is hard to comprehend, us now know they space finite. 

Vaccines and the growing pace of immunization provide reasons for the infinite hope the a better future. One in which we have concerned appreciate each other, families, and the value of living life come the fullest if we room blessed through it.

That “we have to accept limited disappointments” space words come bear in mind because that the coming days and challenges ahead.

I began this year v an short article for, “Finding factors to be Cheerful,” in i m sorry I composed that during this dark winter that was vital to find reasons for optimism. Days later on the Capitol was invaded by the mob. The specter of ongoing violence looms big and the death toll native COVID-19 continues to rise.

The strength of the idea the “we should never lose infinite hope” is that despite the inevitable challenges and difficulties us will challenge as a country, as professionals and also as individuals, if we have actually hope in our hearts for a much better future, we will certainly be able get through challenging times on the journey towards it.

In the coming days and also months, we should not allow ourselves to be mired in the darkness that recrimination, revenge or repudiation that those us disagree with. Us cannot allow ourselves come wallow in self-pity or fear.

Our duty is to lug forward Dr. King’s legacy. We must not shed sight the the promise of limitless hope. With its shining irradiate to overview us, us will overcome finite disappointments.

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About the Author: Simon Erskine Locke is CEO of communications firm and expert search and services platform, CommunicationsMatch™. His is a continual contributor to and vice chairman of the foreign Press Association.