1. “It go not carry out to dwell on dreams and also forget to live” ― bother Potter and also the Philosopher’s StoneSometimes we acquire so captured up on past events that us forget come live in the present. While we are identified by our past, we should constantly look come the future. Us should learn to live in the present and also enjoy the now. This quote yes, really hits close come home. I’m not certain why ns remember every solitary small mistake i made in the past. There space benefits of being a child who forgets about the fight and goes ago to play.

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2. “We can all have been eliminated or worse, expelled.” ― harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

This quote perfectly embodies Hermione as a character. In the beginning the only thing she to be interested in was her academics. If the quote was written playful in the books. It likewise reflects ~ above our current education device that emphasizes on academic grades end real-life experience. I typical there’s dark magic all approximately you and “He who have to not be named” after her friends, and also you’re worried about your grades?



3. “We’ve all got both light and also dark inside us. What problem is the part we choose to action on. That’s that we really are.” ― harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban

A exorbitant quote indigenous Sirius Black. A male who was imprisoned because that years and had every the pleasure sucked out of that by Dementors. The quote is even an ext memorable due to the reality that he would certainly be the last person to believe there is a irradiate in every person. This quote seems favor a great way to define morals to children. Us feed the easy or darkness v our actions.


4. “Fear that a name increases fear of the thing itself.” ― take care of Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

“You-Know-Who” or “He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named” is simply one of the other names Voldemort goes by. A surname so disastrous that civilization even prevent speaking his name. It’s quite reminiscent of those happening in dictatorships. One of two people you openly it is in defiant against tyranny and also risk gift attacked. Or you come to be submissive and shot to hide from the terror. As each human becomes more quiet, the are afraid increases, and the tyrannical loop continues.

5. “You’re a wizard, Harry.” ― bother Potter and also the Philosopher’s Stone

Personally my favourite quote from the take care of Potter franchise. This is the quote that youngsters are wait for. Because that a gigantic to appear in the center of night and also tell castle they’re special. The they’ve constantly had one-of-a-kind powers. The they’re different. You a wizard. It would be pretty if someone came and also told me what kind of superhero i was. You a writer, Harry. You’re an artist, Harry. She a runner, Harry. Ns still waiting for my half-giant to appear and also take come me Hogwarts.

6. “’I am no worried, Harry,’ stated Dumbledore, his voice a little stronger regardless of the freeze water. ‘I am through you.’” ― bother Potter and also the Half-Blood Prince

Life is a battle, and also going v life alone is tough. We all need a solid mentor and also friend, who will always have ours back. Dumbledore acts as the father-figure Harry never ever had, and holds under his own troubles to laugh for Harry. In spite of the freeze waters, in spite of the adversities he might face, regardless of his own personal troubles Dumbledore is there for Harry. Who are enduring the cold waters for?

7. “But girlfriend know, happiness can be discovered even in the darkest the times, if one just remembers to revolve on the light.” ― harry Potter and also the sinner of Azkaban

Sometimes life hits you hard. Periodically you loss into a slump and also just can’t acquire out that bed. Occasionally everything and also everyone is versus you. It’s crucial to mental what we’re fighting for in ours darkest moments. Why you’re creating that blog article despite all the an adverse comments. Why you’re drawing that painting regardless of the negligence. And why you’re building that app despite the naysayers. Mental the light.

8. “ the is our choices, Harry, that present what us truly are, far an ext than our abilities.” ― harry Potter and also the room of Secrets

It what we do with our talents that truly mirrors who us are. This quote reminds me “Britain’s gained Talent” contestant Paul Potts. Paul Pott’s has an impressive opera singing voice, however lived his life as an mechanic. He didn’t let his talent go to waste, and also chose to take it the risk as one opera singer. His “choice” shows what an exceptional singer he is. No his inherent talent that almost went come hidden.

9. “You sort of start thinking anything’s possible if did you do it got sufficient nerve.” ― bother Potter and also the Half-Blood Prince

Starting a brand-new project is favor bungee jumping off a cliff. The terrifying at the top. At some point we require a little push to get rid of our overgrown irrational fears. We need to relearn the “Art the the Start” simply beginning projects, ignoring irrational fears, and overcoming the procrastination monkey. Whenever I have actually writers block I like to close my eyes and also start creating blind. The height of obstacles are all dependence on her state the mind.

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10. “After every this time? Always.” ― bother Potter and also the Deathly Hallows

This quote really breaks my heart. Snape says his love because that Lily (Harry potter’s mother). Snape’s affection is likewise shown plainly in his “doe patronus” to be the very same as Lily’s patronus. Having actually to lose his love for the prosephy come be perfect is why Snape defended Harry. And likewise why Snape hated Neville Longbottom. Because if Neville was the “chosen one” climate Lily would not likely have died.