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Weirdtober work 9, 10 and also 11. Prompts to be eldritch corruption: human, animal and also environment. I assumed it would be funny if i made them a matching collection so it’s all Night Vale.

Faceless Old Woman, Khoshekh and a arbitrarily landscape.



Catch me crying in the club





all plank the cecilos train bc this train never ever stops

i physically have the right to never leaving night vale and also that is a’okay, additionally i finally drew station administration

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I’ve just been wanting to draw some much more Cecil in the warm seat partaking wisdom that comes to mind

Anonymous asked:

I understand that Nightvale is a radio station but I can"t discover it in my country.Which is Canada.

Well in Canada it’s a specifically hard ar to discover the radio station due to the fact that the terminal number is covert and additionally because over there is no desert. Check out you have to go to the coldest components in Canada and also travel North till the cold becomes hot and also the snow appears denser and becomes sand that is where you deserve to hear him as he speak the weather and where the station number is revealed come you. Sadly I do not understand of everyone surviving.

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