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Dr. Tasneim really is the best. Ns was advert by a friend, and also now refer every one of my friends and co-workers. Everyone adores her, as she"s therefore friendly, fast, and accommodating. I"ve never heard anyone rave about a dentist as lot as all of Dr. Tasneim"s patients rave about her (including me!).
Dr. Tasneim was really nice and broke under the issues with my teeth in a method I can understand. Make a dreadful visit into a nice and also pleasant one
I"m no a fan of dentist however Dr. Mohammed did every little thing to make me feel comfortable if she took care of me

Located in san Antonio, TX, we are your local, considerable dental solution for the entire family. Western Dental treatment at san Antonio can aid you start your trip to a healthy, beautiful smile.

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Our family members friendly dental office treats patient from their an initial tooth v retirement and all ages. We manage everything from her children’s checkups and also cosmetic dentistry to natural-looking implant restorations and also appliances for TMD and also teeth grinding. Warm and welcoming Dr. Tasneim Mohamed and her knowledgeable, compassionate team are devoted to giving each patience a positive, memorable, and an individual experience. We want you to feel tranquil in our office, and also we proud ourselves on educating our patients to assist them make notified decisions that their oral health.

We room committed to dentist excellence;

We are committed to dentist excellence; Dr Tasneim Mohamed DDS is among the height rated dentists in san Antonio and also the unified States because 2014.

Our score is to administer optimal dental health care in an setting that is a perfect mix of one old-fashioned family-style practice and innovative, cutting-edge technology,3D and digital impressions come ensure ours patients have actually a comfortable and positive dentist experience.

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Keeping your comfort in mind, we market all our services in bright, natural-light filled therapy rooms whereby you might enjoy pain-free injections, quiet Immersive Videos, stereotype headphones, and movies throughout treatment. “Would you prefer to obtain your dental treatment done ~ above the beach, we use Virtual reality to take you there while you are still in our dentist chair. This is no only creating a funny distraction but drug-free sedation the reduces pains remembrance.