Creed Bratton- a fictionalized character of Creed Bratton himself. The astonishing fact around this personality is that Creed Bratton (the actor) played his own dramatized variation in the sitcom –The Office.The Office is one of the most popular American sitcoms. It is usually a mockumentary the portrays the everyday work life of American employee in a document company. The fictionalized company- Dunder Mifflin document Company, became the prime theme of this sitcom. Among the numerous wonderful characters, Creed’s character is also an appealing one. Let’s gain right right into what Creed claimed in Chinese!



At first, he felt quite great but quickly he acquired severely ill. He started feeling nauseous and also throws up. At this point, the asked Creed to review what the label said. To his question, Creed simply simply check out the text in Chinese. Rather of translating that he just went top top to review it. This is whereby Creed verified his bizarre attitude. Leave Andy and the viewers in perplex ion.

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Full Dialogue with Translation

The dialogue was in Chinese together the brand states,


“Hǎimǎ bùyào gēn jiǔluàn gǎo” in pinyin”

The translate into of this conversation in English goes favor this,

“Do not mix the sea equine with alcohol”

Well, now you can number out what occurred to Andy. That was not a party of part Chinese virility herb yet rather powdered sea horse. And the label on the forbade mixing it through alcohol. I m sorry is the precise opposite of what Andy did and also later endured the consequences.

This whole scene was really amusing. Andy v his jealousy and curiosity, Ryan through his stupidity and assumptions, and also Creed simply being his bizarre and blunted self. You have the right to enjoy this hilarious step here:


Creed’s character was sort of mysterious. You deserve to never suspect what he is about to say. What new aspect that his personality will come out. And this is what makes him unique and attractive.

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His peculiar ways like struggling come look young after dyeing his hair v printer ink to be a comic in itself. Just like this, you can find countless hidden facets of Creed’s personality. However still, you won’t fully unravel the secret behind his incomprehensible face.