Avid TikTok customers would agree the the app and also slang walk together choose peanut butter and also jelly. Due to the fact that its inception, TikTok has left no stone unturned as soon as it concerns adopting brand-new acronyms. Indigenous “SH” to “/HJ” and “/J,” the possibilities are endless for communication. And also it turns out that another acronym has actually just been added to the mix: “IH.”

So, what specifically does “IH” mean on TikTok? gain comfortable together we rest it down.

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Folks who room knowledgeable around acronyms on TikTok can think that this brand-new slang has only one meaning. But there room actually a few ways girlfriend can apply "IH" to your everyday lingo and also content ~ above the app.


According come Urban Dictionary, the acronym "IH" has actually a couple of meanings. For starters, the many common definition of the acronym is “I’m high.” This deserve to be offered to tell others the you’re under the influence. No to mention, this permits users come express themselves in as couple of characters as possible.

"IH" on tik can also be offered as a instead of for words “eh.” every Urban Dictionary, "IH" can be supplied in location of "eh" as soon as describing other good, but not great. Because that example, if someone asks you just how you prefer your food and also you're not specifically wild about it, speak "IH" instead of "eh" to acquire the same effect.

Urban Dictionary also explains the "IH" can also be provided as an unenthusiastic method of saying hello come someone. On social media and also everyday texting, many of us would to speak hello by typing, “hi.” So, if you’re feeling lazy around typing "hi" (which shouldn’t it is in a factor, but I digress) you deserve to simply kind "IH" to supply the same message. "IH," in this case, is a great way to assess a person’s tone. If someone types "IH" to you in a greeting, opportunities are castle don’t want to talk.


Hashtag Hyena likewise shares the "IH" can likewise be supplied as one acronym for “in hindsight.” So, if you’re explaining the you know something to someone after the fact, you can substitute "in hindsight" because that "IH."

In true tik fashion, the hashtag #IH has currently garnered 82.6 million views as of this writing. Plenty of TikTok creators are sharing videos the their day-to-day lives, comedy sketches, food-tasting videos, and also so much more with the hashtag.

timmyminch has currently received almost 182,000 likes and a million views because that his video showing turn off a black tractor in a landscape area.

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With the in mind, if you’re ready to boost your engagement and improve your communication an abilities on TikTok, using the acronym "IH" is the finest place come start.

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