Japanese names of personalities from “Yu Yu Hakusho: Ghost files”


What are the definitions behind the characters’ names?Interesting lines and also phrases – discovering Japanese!

What’s the story?

Yu Yu Hakusho: Ghost papers is a popular fight manga series written and illustrated through Yoshihiro Togashi. Yusuke, a fourteen-year-old teenager who passed away from a vehicle accident conserving a young kid obtained a second chance to live together a Spirit people detective. Yusuke and also his demon assistant Botan starts functioning on supernatural instances in the human human being often resulted in by the demons native the underworld. His project as a spirit human being detective was perfect together Yusuke is normally fearless and also is really aggressive. The battles with the demons do him stronger each time and eventually he find himself affiliated in fights between the human world and the underworld.

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What is the Japanese location of Yu Yu Hakusho: Ghost Files?

Yu Yu Hakusho(幽☆遊☆白書) method ‘Ghost Files’. Though there space two ‘Yu’ in the title, lock both have different meanings. The first Yu(幽) which is additionally used in the main character’s name means ghost and also the 2nd Yu(遊) method to play. Hakusho(白書) method a report yet the direct translation of every kanji is White(白) Paper(書).


What space the meanings behind the characters’ names?

In Japanese culture, surname have far-reaching meanings that are supposed to stand for you together a person. Names can be express in hiragana, katakana, and also kanji. Let’s uncover out the interpretations of some names of personalities in Yu Yu Hakusho!

Yusuke Urameshi (浦飯 幽助, Urameshi Yūsuke)

Yusuke is the main character that this amazing series. Yusuke was granted a second life due to the fact that his death was therefore unexpected. Also, the truth that his father to be a demon permitted this to it is in possible. ‘Ura’ (浦) method bay, ‘Meshi’ (飯) method meal, ‘Yu’ (幽) way ghost, and ‘Suke’ (助) means help.

Botan (ぼたん, Botan)

Botan is a spirit who come from the underworld. Her key duty is to pass on message from Koenma, the kid of the king of hell and also support Yusuke. Her name means Peony and it is composed in Hiragana.

Keiko Yukimura (雪村 螢子, Yukimura Keiko)


Keiko is Yusuke’s classmate who always cares about him. She is very brave and also shows a many of understanding of what Yusuke does. ‘Yuki’(雪) method snow, ‘Mura’(村) means village, ‘Kei’ (螢) way firefly, and ‘Ko’ (子) method child.

Kurama (蔵馬, Kurama)

Kurama was a cruel demon named Yoko Kurama (妖狐 蔵馬, Yōko Kurama), however he transferred his heart to a human baby to endure an incident which practically killed him. ‘Yo’ (妖) means demon, ‘Ko’ (狐) method fox, ‘Kura’ (蔵) way storage, and ‘Ma’(馬) is a horse. Shuichi Minamino (南野 秀一, Minamino Shūichi) is his human name. ‘Minami’ (南) is south, ‘No’(野) is a field, ‘Shu’ (秀) is smart, and also ‘Ichi’ (一) means one.

Hiei (飛影, Hiei)

Yusuke has actually made many friends throughout his journey and Hiei is among his closestly peers. Unequal the tiny appearance, he is a very powerful demon that possesses the strength of the dark flames. ‘Hi’ (飛) way to fly and also ‘Ei’ (影) is shadow.

Genkai (幻海, Genkai)

Yusuke has learned a lot from his master, Genkai. She is a human yet is very solid and additionally gets in addition to demons. ‘Gen’ (幻) means illusion, ‘Kai’ (海) method ocean.

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Koenma (コエンマ, Koenma)

The underworld is ruled by the king ‘Enma Daiou’(閻魔大王) since Enma was an extremely busy he had actually his boy ‘Koenma’ offer instructions come Yusuke. ‘Ko’(コ) way little and also ‘Enma’(エンマ) way the king the hell, so basically his name is Enma Jr!

Interesting lines and phrases – discovering Japanese!

Here are some advantageous phrases from Yu Yu Hakusho i m sorry will help you together with your Japanese studies!

EN/ ‘Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Let’s go’JP/「虎穴にKoketsu ni 入らずんばIrazunba 虎子をKojiwo 得ずだ、Ezuda,行くぜIkuze 」

This is the Japanese variation of the idiom ‘Nothing ventured, nothing gained’. The direct translation is ‘You won’t acquire the cub uneven you go into the tiger’s cave’.

EN/ ‘The success goes to Urameshi!’JP/「浦飯選手のUrameshi Senshu no 勝利です!Shouri desu! 」

In Japanese, you include the word ‘Senshu’ (which method player) come a sports player or a participant in a competition. ‘Shouri’ method Victory, when you desire to to speak ‘I win!’ you merely say ‘Katta! 勝った!’

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