Who is roman inn Atwood?

Roman Atwood is a renowned vlogger and also online personality v over 20 million subscribers across two YouTube channels: RomanAtwoodVlogs and also RomanAtwood. Born and also raised in Ohio, Atwood has been producing video content since 2006, posting his an initial video come YouTube in 2009. Beforehand in his career, he developed a big and faithful fanbase through uploading a collection of devilish prank videos, yet he is currently most famed for his vlogs and also lifestyle content. At period 37, Atwood is additionally a family man, with a wife, 3 kids, and another baby on the way—but that still finds some time to upload new content and entertain his fans along the way.

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Here"s everything you need to know about Roman Atwood:

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Personal Life

Roman young name Atwood to be born on may 28, 1983, in Millersport, Ohio. He grew up in Millersport, attending middle school and high institution in the town’s public college system. His father, Curt Dale Atwood, own a rope company—where Roman operated before starting his YouTube career—and a toy store. His brother, Dale, is likewise a YouTuber v over 1 million subscribers, despite he there is no uploaded a new video come his channel in about three years. Atwood’s mother, Susan, was one of her son’s greatest supporters before tragically passing away in 2019.

Atwood has actually three kids, two with his wife and also current partner Brittney Smith-Atwood and also one v Shanna Riley, through whom Atwood was married between 2001 and also 2008. Atwood and also Smith-Atwood have actually been together because 2008, as soon as they met in ~ the wedding of Atwood’s friend and fellow YouTuber follow Gilroy. They’ve to be married due to the fact that 2018, celebrating your nuptials in a stunning consciousness in Maui, Hawaii, and are currently expecting their 3rd child, announcing the pregnant in a video on Atwood’s channel.

Atwood is also a tattoo addict, with ink specialized to his children and family anywhere his chest and also arms. He obtained his first tattoo, a Hollywood star emblazoned through his father’s name, in 2006, and also has a multitude of other designs unrelated come his family, such as a tattoo depicting the Statue that Liberty.



Atwood’s first foray into professional video clip making came in 2006, once he produced and also sold DVDs title “The Nerd Herd” in ~ Warped tourism events. He uploaded the very first video to his prank channel, RomanAtwood, top top YouTube in 2009, though the existing oldest video clip available ~ above the channel to be uploaded in 2011.

At the start of his YouTube career, Atwood was best known as a prank master; his breakout came in 2012, as soon as he uploaded a viral video titled “Cops acquire Owned!!! - epos Pee Prank.” The video clip featured Atwood’s other YouTube prankster Dennis Roady pretending to urinate in public in front of a group of policemen. Roady and also Atwood have since collaborated ~ above a variety of videos, even starring together (alongside YouTuber Vitaly Zdorovetskiy) in a 2016 attribute film called Natural Born Pranksters.

In 2013, Atwood started to move his job in a various direction, beginning a vlog channel that primarily concentrates on contents showcasing his life v his family members rather 보다 the pranks because that which he had actually previously been known. He additionally began developing a goods line, smile More, to assistance his mission to spread out positivity and also cheer through his videos. Nowadays, Atwood’s most popular videos are vlogs about important occasions in his life, such together his decision to propose to his girlfriend and the bear of his youngest daughter, Cara. Still, longtime pan of Atwood will remember his hilarious older prank videos, which experienced him obtain up to antics such as filling his home with plastic ball-pit balls before Brittney come home. Atwood right now has end 15.4 million subscribers and 5.3 billion see on his vlog channel and also 10.5 million subscribers and 1.5 billion views on his prank channel.

In 2016, Atwood wrote, directed, produced, and also starred in the feature film Natural Born Pranksters together YouTubers Dennis Roady and Vitaly Zdorovetskiy. His other developing credits include Roman Atwood’s job Dreams, a 2017 YouTube Red show, and Roman Vs. Fousey, a behind-the-scenes documentary around Atwood’s live tour with YouTuber Yousef “Fousey” Erakat.


In 2016, Atwood teamed increase with fellow YouTuber Yousef “Fousey” Erakat to placed together a live present titled “Roman Vs. Fousey.” Billed as an “epic comedy showdown,” the display featured an on-stage fight between the pair because that the title of ultimate Jokester, with on-stage challenges, zany impressions, and rap war to save the competition fresh. Fousey and also Atwood took the present on a five-city tour v stops in Portland, Oregon, Seattle, Washington, and also San Francisco, san Diego, and Los Angeles in California, and also have performed together in Canada and also the joined Kingdom.


In 2017, Atwood published a book-length memoir titled Will occupational for Smiles. A rags-to-riches narrative, Atwood’s memoir traces the YouTuber’s job from his origins working in his family’s Ohio rope manufacturing facility to his successes ~ above the an international stage. The publication is 256 pages long and was published by collection Press.

Sponsors and Partners

Throughout his career, Atwood has actually been sponsored by a number of well-known brands, including:

In 2019, Atwood unveiled his very own custom flavor, the tropical-themed Bahama Mama, together with limited-edition Bahama Mama and Rainbow roman shaker cups.

In June 2020, G FUEL Bahama Mama can be ~ hit the discoverhotmail.com.com shelves because that the an initial time in a 12-pack and 4-pack.

You can also buy G FUEL Bahama Mama cans in pick stores transparent the U.S. Use the G FUEL save Locator to uncover a store near you.

Prominent previous sponsors that Atwood’s encompass Scott toilet paper, v whom Atwood collaborated in 2016 for a prank video, and Nissan, which rental Atwood to develop a Super bowl commercial in 2015.


All main Roman Atwood merchandise can be found on Atwood’s online merch store, The Smile an ext Store, started in 2013. Atwood’s existing merchandise heat centers approximately his post of positivity and also features a wide range of apparel, including T-shirts, hats, hoodies, and also even short-term tattoos showcasing the Smile more logo. His online store likewise includes a decked-out toy section that is certain to make children of every ages—and all youngsters at heart—smile more.

Looking for official Roman Atwood popsockets?

Unfortunately, The Smile keep no longer sells them as of September 28, 2019.


In 2016, Atwood introduced his very own mobile app, laugh Inc. Developed by supervisor Lame Games, the app is easily accessible for both Apple and Android users, featuring an infinite runner game based on the idea the Atwood and also his friends acquiring “real” corporate jobs. The game has tons of playable characters and also cameo appearances by numerous of Atwood’s friends and family—there’s also downloadable content that permits users come play as Roman’s boy Noah and also Kane. It to be a stop hit through his fanbase, coming to be the top cost-free game in Apple’s app store quickly after its release.


Atwood is a guru of positivity, using his platform to spread out uplifting messages and also advice to millions of fans across the world. The ends countless of his videos through the catchphrase “You’re beautiful. You’re among a kind. Laugh more.” below are some of Atwood’s various other memorable and also uplifting quotes:

“Life has no remote. Obtain up and change it yourself.”

“Do what you need to do so you have the right to do what you desire to do.”

“Don’t watch back, you’re no going the way.”

“Use your smile to adjust the world, don’t let the world adjust your smile.”

“The best means to suspect the future is to develop it.”

Awards and Nominations

Atwood has actually been awarded and nominated for numerous awards during his career. In 2014, he was a nominee in the Pranks group of the fourth annual Streamy Awards; the following year, he won the award for best brand project at the fifth iteration the the Streamy Awards. In 2016, Atwood was declared ideal YouTube comedian in ~ the eighth yearly Shorty Awards and also nominated because that Entertainer of the Year at the sixth annual Streamy Awards.


Throughout his career, Atwood has been connected in numerous charitable organizations and philanthropic initiatives. In 2014, Atwood teamed up with electronics manufacturer TigerDirect because that a “positive prank” that affiliated the YouTuber pretending come break right into the workplaces of a Florida charity that supports abused and also neglected children, only to replace all of the electronics in the headquarters v brand-new equipment. In 2017, Atwood starred in Roman Atwood’s work Dreams, a YouTube Red series in i m sorry he helped sick, orphaned, and also handicapped children achieve dreams ranging from structure a dream playground in their backyard to attending a NASCAR event. And in 2019, Atwood became associated in two separate charitable initiatives, launching a T-shirt campaign to assistance up-and-coming streamers and also spending top quality time through hospitalized fans with the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Trivia and Fun Facts

Full Name: roman inn Bernard AtwoodBirthday: may 28, 1983Age: 37Birthplace: Millersport, OhioAstrological Sign: GeminiHeight: 5 feet 8 inchesEye color: GreenHometown: Millersport, OhioFormer Jobs: manufacturing facility worker at rope companyFavorite Color: BlueAtwood pull on in a Goth layout in high school.Atwood used to run a lay out comedy channel on YouTube called Sketch Empire.RomanAtwoodVlogs very first hit one million subscribers on august 23, 2014.Atwood’s best friend and brother-in-law is his other YouTuber chase Gilroy, that he call “Chilroy.”Atwood owns 2 cars: a pickup van nicknamed Clifford and a Nissan GTR.


Who is roman inn Atwood?

When is roman Atwood"s birthday?

Roman Atwood was born on may 28, 1983.

How old is roman inn Atwood?

Roman Atwood is 37 year old.

Where was roman Atwood born?

Roman Atwood was born in Millersport, Ohio.

How high is roman inn Atwood?

Roman Atwood is 5 feet 8 customs tall.

Where does roman Atwood live?

Roman Atwood lives in Ohio.

Did roman Atwood stop YouTube?

Roman Atwood take it a hiatus native uploading YouTube videos indigenous December 2019 to respectable 2020, however returned come uploading videos in respectable 2020.

Does roman inn Atwood still have actually a donkey?

Yes, roman inn Atwood still has a cheat named realm who was born on may 6, 2016.

Who is roman Atwood’s wife?

Roman Atwood’s wife is named Brittney Smith-Atwood.

How old is roman Atwood’s wife?

Roman Atwood’s wife, Brittney Smith-Atwood, is 29 years old.

How many youngsters does roman inn Atwood have?

Roman Atwood has three kids, v a fourth on the way.

What illustration of Tanked is roman Atwood on?

Roman Atwood is featured on illustration 10, title "Internet Tank Sensation," that season 10 the Tanked.

Who is roman Atwood’s ex-wife?

Roman Atwood’s ex-wife is Shanna Riley.

Where did roman Atwood walk skydiving?

Roman Atwood walk skydiving at the Team Fastrax basic in Middletown, Ohio.

What sort of vehicle does roman inn Atwood drive?

Roman Atwood cd driver a Nissan GT-R.

What camera does roman Atwood use?

Roman Atwood provides a Canon EOS-1DX note II, Canon EOS 5D mark IV, Sony Cyber-Shot DSCRX100 mark IV, Canon PowerShot G7X note II, DJI Mavic pro drone, and DJI Phantom 4 drone.

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