Find the end what type of Metalhead you might be! (Sorry if this doesn't make sense. I desire to cheat you and see if you get some the the concerns or not. This is my very first quiz, for this reason please do suggestions before the an essential judging. Thanks!)

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Congrats dude you're a fucking Power/Thrash/Heavy metal head! you jam out to the many wicked! From black color Sabbath, to Slayer, v a small Iron Maiden thrown in there, you room the definition of what it to be to be an 80's metalhead!

So...Death, Darkness, Blood and Gore, are your thing and you love the shit the end of it. Blackness, Blood, Death, you room the meaning of FEAR. You take on the Darker next of Metal, and also let those who understand it, fear you for it.

Praise the Gods, you're a Folk/Symphonic/Viking Metalhead! through the might of Thor, the Wisdom that Odin, and also the shrewd of Loki, you adopt Metal through the music of a lost civilization that once was the fiercest around in history. Celtic and Viking themes v Scottish or ireland interments thrown in, your metal isn't only Brutal yet Beautiful and this combination makes it one of the best types of steel there is.

You're old school! You are the grand of Metal. Your format is as tough core, or fast, yet never the much less it's one awesome style suited come the finest olde timers around. V a enthusiasm for rock n Roll, you love the noise and the passion, without all the screaming and also brutal ingredients thrown in.

Ah so you're the contemporary type, huh? no really into the old stuff, you favor some technology and gizmos in her life. Therefore, it's reasonable to adopt that right into your Metal. Fair enough, who doesn't favor some of those angry cool computer sounds blended in with the guitars and bass right? It sound pretty angry anyway!

You recognize the one thing, many others don't...girls love the when guys are right into Glam similar to they are! You layout up your hair, friend wear sexy outfits, friend make an initiative to look good and girls fall all over you. Friend love the feel good life style and also the bands that reflected you. Who states Motley Crue and KISS never ever got any kind of love, huh?

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Nice man. Punk Rock. Rebel at heart, you yes, really don't like authority. You value freedom and also you express the by act anything to piss that the people who tell girlfriend what come do. Quite man, respect that. Simply don't press it too far, eh who am ns kidding? now you certainly will.

Find out what type of Metalhead you might be! (Sorry if this doesn't make sense. I desire to trick you and see if you obtain some that the questions or not. This is my an initial quiz, so please make suggestions prior to the an important judging. Thanks!)