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I"m reasoning of creating a game. It"s influenced by Minecraft/Terraria (but don"t issue it will be different).

My main question is what language I have to write that in -- it"ll be fairly simple graphics, an ext like Terraria 보다 Minecraft. I know Java reasonably well and also Minecraft is composed in it, but C++ seems favor the market standard for video game development. However, I understand next to no C++. I"m willing to learn but am worried just how it will revolve out because that my first real task in the language.

In enhancement to that, I"d also like proposal on a an excellent game engine because that the language the you suggest. I"d choose it to run on:

Windows because that sureLinux for sureMac for sureAndroid would certainly be yes, really niceiOS is optional

Thank girlfriend in advance!

java c++
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"Not a actual question", yet FWIW, i vote because that Scala.
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C++ is the "industry standard" through heritage, through FUD, and also (marginally currently for 2D games) for performance reasons.

On the add to side for C++, you"d have much more graphics, audio, and also input library support. Java doesn"t have a absence of these species of libraries, yet C++ has a glut of them.

On the negative side C++ is one of the the very least beginner-friendly languages out there, and also even despite there space multiple cross-platform libraries for it (e.g. SDL), it is not a cross-platform trusted language.

If friend are much more interested in security the bulk of her time do a game quite than a game engine, then I"d recommend you either write your engine in a higher level langauge, or use a pre-existing video game engine and also just manuscript on top of it.

If friend are an ext interested in safety the bulk of her time make a game engine fairly than a game, then possibly you should focus on make graphics demos, physics demos, or video game content development tools rather of games. Those are all more directly applicable to learning what functions a video game engine would need to support and how they space implemented.

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If you decision you need to program both the engine and also the game, you might want come look into embedding a scripting language into a C++ engine (such together Lua). This is a very popular approach, taken by most gamings that assistance modding. Friend don"t need to support modding to usage a scripting language, but most moddable gamings support modding with a scripting language.