It took much more than 100 years, but the Chicago Cubs lastly did it. They won the 2016 World collection championship by beating rivals the Cleveland indians by one 8-7 score. A championship parade is the best means to storage this historical win, however the details of that are still being worked out.

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They assumed it would never happen, but it did. The Chicago Cubs finished a 108-year drought and also won the World collection Baseball Championships by beating the Cleveland ind on November 2. The critical time the Chicago Cubs took house the trophy was means back in 1908. Cubs fans have been wait for this moment several lifetimes over, and nothing is going stop them from celebrating this win. As soon as is the Chicago Cubs parade? Plans are still being made, however according come reports, the Chicago Cubs parade day is one of two people going to be November 4 or November 7, 2016.

Long combated Drama

No fan of the Chicago Cubs can gain over the overwhelming sirloin of emotion feeling after their team made background after win the championship. The Cubs overcame a 3-1 series deficit by winning video game 5 and then gamings 6 and also 7. In the end, the Cubs winner 8-7 end the Cleveland ind in 10 innings of game 7. Thus ended one the the championship collection that has actually made baseball history, do the Chicago Cubs were the 2016 winners that the World collection Championships.

A big Confusion

When Chicago Cubs owner and team chairman Tom Ricketts to be asked about the Cubs parade details, to which he replied “I have actually no idea, either Friday or Monday, i imagine.” Right now everybody is working in the direction of it being on Friday, November 4, 2016, but this is not yet confirmed. The Chicago Police room is suggesting that the parade day will more than likely be Monday, November 7, 2016, together they need to rest after ~ the long game, and even much longer night the celebration.


Photo: Scott Olson/Staff/GettyImages

Possible Parade route

People want to recognize details the the Chicago Cubs parade route. According to reports, the parade will certainly most most likely start at Wrigley Field, relocate through down town via Lake coast Drive, and end with a rally at give Park. Main parade courses are meant to it is in released later on today (November 3).

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Tips because that Fans

Here room some tips for the fans who want to attend the Chicago Cubs championship parade: this is the very first time in over one century that there will be a parade, for this reason if you haven’t already, mean a mammoth crowd out there. World will most most likely camp overnight to gain a great spot, so get there as at an early stage as friend can. It’s likely to it is in a sunny day, however slightly chilly, so wear whatever you room comfortable in, yet bring a jacket simply in case.

Keep Checking for Details

Since over there is still man over the day of the parade, we recommend you to keep checking both and the official web site because that the Chicago Cubs. The final day will most probably be announced by this afternoon (November 3), so save an eye the end for the parade date. If friend can’t make it come the parade, you can watch it on TV together it is being transfer live ~ above most major channels. One of two people way, don’t miss it. The is going to be the greatest party Chicago has ever before seen —a party an ext than hundred years in the making!