Fallout 4 finally makes all the junk you find in Bethesda games worth collecting. This is due to the fact that it actually has a usage this time around. We’ve already shown friend what to carry out with sources in our considerable Workshop guide, we’ve likewise shown you where to uncover rarer resources prefer copper and also circuitry, yet what around all of the garbage that is littering the wasteland? Keep reading to watch what to execute with junk in autumn 4.

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Essentially you desire to usage the junk for its parts. If friend look at things in her Pip-Boy you have to see what sources it will malfunction into. Because that example, a teddy be affected by each other might failure into part cloth, and a cooking pot will give you part steel and also copper. All of these things will be beneficial when you go about building up your settlements, therefore you’ll want to gather a ton that junk to be offered for this.

To in reality break this items down you just want to walk to the Workshop table, right here you can select your inventory, go to the Junk category, and also select the option to scrap the items (UPDATE: actually, just transfer the article over and also it’ll be offered for parts as needed). This will break it under to its basic elements, providing you the resources to use. You can also store the junk here, or in any storage bin, however unless you’re making use of it to decorate, at some point you’ll desire to break it every down into scrap.

This is for items found roughly the wasteland, yet if the junk is already in your city you can scrap it lot easier. Simply load up the Workshop menu and also find the item, hover over it and also hit the switch to scrap it, which is X on Xbox One. This will display you what that is going to malfunction into, i m sorry you have the right to then confirm to send that to her Workshop storage.

One smaller sized use for junk is the Junk Jet. Uncovered in a pair of places, consisting of the basement the Arc Jet Systems, the Junk Jet allows you load up and also fire any kind of piece the junk you find. The can acquire cumbersome, as having actually to tote approximately the gun and various junk is quite heavy, however still a many fun to clock a Feral Ghould have actually his head blown turn off by a teddy bear.

- This article was updated on April 17th, 2017

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