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About Paul

When Breath becomes Air created by Paul Kalanithi, M.D. A neurosurgeon and writer who grew up in Kingman Arizona prior to attending Stanford University and graduating in 2000. Paul then later earned an M.Phil in history and approach of Science and Medicine indigenous the university of Cambridge. Finally, in 2007 he graduated with difference from the Yale school of medicine where he winner many significant awards because that his exemplary work and also research. He then went back to Stanford because that residency training in Neurological Surgery, once again receiving awards for impressive research.

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But Paul is no longer with us. He died in march 2015 after gift diagnosed with phase 5 lung cancer ago in 2003. His memory lives on v us through his outstanding work and this book.

When Breath becomes Air short Synopsis

When Breath i do not care Air is Pauls reflection on doctoring and illness. The was when treating patients yet then he came to be the patient and also has come fight because that life. Paul passed away while functioning on his Bibliography but we can still gain a glimpse into his outlook top top life.

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What provides a life precious living? What execute you do once the future no longer holds what you were working for? just how does it feeling to progressive a son while one more life withers? This and much much more moving believed provocations inquiries Paul bring to irradiate in his memoir.


“Devastating and also spectacular . . . is for this reason likable, so relatable, and so humble, the you come to be immersed in his world and forget where it’s all heading.” – USA Today

Split mine head open up with the beauty.” – Cheryl Strayed

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