On When calls The Heart Sunday night, Elizabeth will certainly finally pick her guy. Will certainly it be Nathan, the Mountie, or Lucas, the saloon owner and entrepreneur. In one of two people case, there will be devastated Hearties. The is many have split into among two camps: #TeamNathan and #TeamLucas.

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What if their man doesn’t victory the heart of the schoolteacher? will certainly those fans leaving the series? Ronda Rich, man Tinker’s wife has posted a plea because that fans to stay with the show. What did the WCTH showrunner’s wife have to say?

When calls The Heart fans Told Elizabeth’s Decision bring away ‘Enormously Seriously’

When you are a showrunner’s wife, you are privy to the information. Ronda Rich, who is married come “Tink,” When call The Heart showrunner, john Tinker. The 2 have constant Facebook Live events and talk come Hearties about the show.

However, as we get closer to the end of the love triangle, we get closer to among the suitors acquiring his love broken, and hopes shattered. That is that guy? Well, Ronda started by revealing that she knew that Elizabeth chooses. She has known it due to the fact that last summer. Moreover, this to be a decision that was no taken lightly.

“I understand who Elizabeth chooses and have known since last summer as soon as Tink, the cast, and Hallmark questioned it off and also on for three months. They take it it enormously seriously.”

She went on come say the she knows that no everyone will be happy in ~ the finish of the season finale.

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Ronda Rich, once Calls The Heart, Facebook-https://www.facebook.com/ronda.rich.9

Ronda wealthy Asks pan To be ‘Kind’ On social Media

Moreover, Ronda rich writes, “Some that you will certainly be happy, some of you won’t v the choice she makes. Two things please: If you walk on social media, you re welcome be type with her upset. The cast, crew and, various other Hearties worthy that. It is in ye sort one come another”

Rich then continued to ask pan to be “a an excellent ambassador” for Janette Oke, Hallmark, and the cast and crew. She points the end that others in the television market are paying attention to what happens here.

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‘Please Don’t walk Away’ indigenous When call The Heart

Lastly, Ronda wealthy asks Hearties to not discontinue city hall When call The Heart if their male doesn’t gain picked. She asks fans, “please don’t to walk away.” Ronda proceeds by saying the she is certain there will be a Season 9 that the show and also that “The suitor that isn’t liked will obtain a the majority of on-screen time and captivating storylines.”

Why go she understand this? She mutual that “because I know John Tinker and also I know that it will certainly be compelling also with the triangle resolved.”

So, Hearties, space you all set for the When calls The Heart finale? will you accept the other man as the winner here?