i relocated to la 2 weeks earlier and i don't remorse it. I resided in a smallish town where nothing happened and also im just not around that life, a bitch lowkey likes drama. Therefore i conserved up enough money end the food of five years, bought a ticket, and left.

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my parents weren't through it in ~ all and also i to be pretty sure they would involved beat my ass and also take me home, however once they discovered out ns was remaining with my cousin, they donate off since they believe she's responsible. Responsible mine ass, i don't understand when she's no partying.

in order come live with her i had to acquire a job, she expected me come chip in with rent and the money i had saved up wasn't walk to critical long. I desire to end up being a model however that just doesn't loss into her lap, therefore i acquired a task down the street at a protein shop the other day. It's not the ideal job however i love watching every the constructed boys that come in.. And also their butts, no dead in my game.

" y/n , can you take over for around 2 hrs, i have to take aden to his medical professional appointment ?" the manager asked. Aden was she son and also i met that the day i came to apply for a job, legitimately the cutest toddler ive seen.

" sure, but only since he stated i to be pretty as soon as i met him, tell him i stated hi."

" thank you therefore much, and also i will." she stated with a light chuckle and gathered she things and flew out the door.  it was one o'clock and business was sluggish , however i wasn't complaining.

i made decision to clean increase some once the door opened and also i didn't look up right away but i know it to be a male because he was talking.

" alright logang, therefore right now im walking to gain my profit bowl the you recognize imma smash- speak of smash, wassup shawty ?"

" ns pretty sure the skies is. If you don't trust me you deserve to go take a look." i ar my broom down and also quickly revolve to watch who im talk to, only to stare right into the bluest eyes ive every made eye contact with.

" oo sassy, ns love it. I understand a bird you'd get along well with. Say what up to my peeps also though ns pretty certain you don't know around this vlog life."

" what's poppin logang!"

" you clock my vlogs ?" that asked, eyes large with excitement.

" no , now can you you re welcome order something."

" how'd you know i call my fans logang then what ?"

" you walked in - or rolling in on her damn hover board talking around alright logang im getting a benefit bowl." ns said issue of factly.

" i guess you're right. Time to order" he put his camera down and also continued " so deserve to i get a profit bowl v bananas, blueberry, almonds, and also your number ?" he grinned cheekily. 

he's smile is so cute. ns turned and also went to walk grab his bowl and slammed the on the counter. The looked down at it and also the smile that was when in his challenge returned.

i wrote my number top top the lid.

" don't get to happy, ns only gave it come you because i just moved here and also i don't have many friends." bitch why friend lying, you know you provided him her number since he's daddy asf.

" well by me , my name is logan through the way, her ?"

"y/n, don't do me regret giving you my number."

" don't worry , i will." he responded while rolling in the direction of the door. Ns couldn't assist but laugh.

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he was practically out when i remembered. " wait ! you need to pay for her bowl."

he thrust the door open and also turned his head to call back, " i don't need to pay, who bought a years worth that bowls for me."