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Step 2 ~ above the left side of the battery is a little gray cable on a small plug. Uncover this and also wiggle that gently and also pull it the end of the battery, tucking it out of the way


Step 3
~ above the optimistic terminal that the battery, relax the terminal cover. Push in the two tabs as shown and lift.

This will reveal the hopeful Terminal.Step 4
utilizing a 10mm socket on one extension, very closely unscrew the confident terminal. When it is loose, wiggle that up and off, snapping the cover earlier over it, and also tucking the wiring harness out of the way of the battery.
Step 6
Make sure the terminal cables space tucked out of the means so girlfriend can gain the battery out. Move your devices for a 13mm, you require this to release the battery holding strap. This bolt is situated towards the spare tire, and also is simply one bolt.
Unscrew the bolt, lifting the strap out of the way. The bottom retainer isn"t placed in, for this reason make sure you don"t loosened it r the object zerk. Lift the cable the end of the way.
Step 8
Carefully collection the battery in the trunk, terminals come the rear bumper, negative to the vehicle drivers side, hopeful on the passengers side. Operation the strap end the top of the battery, and also put the 13mm bolt earlier in, tightening the snugly. This is all that keeps the battery in place, for this reason make certain you don"t skip this step.Step 9 Hook the optimistic terminal earlier up. Lift the cover, slide it end the article on the battery and also tighten under the bolt snugly with your 10mm. Climate clip the protective covering over.Step 10 Hook the negative terminal ago up. Slide it end the write-up on the battery and tighten under the bolt snugly with your 10mm. Step 11 situate the small gray wire and also reinsert it to the hole on the drivers side of the battery.

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You need to be good. Go turn the auto on, make sure it all works. Then placed your trunk carpeting earlier in.Note: girlfriend will shed your radio presets and clock once the battery is unhooked.