Oxidation reaction : the is characterized as the reaction in which a substance looses that electrons. The means, the lose of electrons takes place.

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Or we deserve to say that, oxidation reaction occurs as soon as a reactant losses electron in the reaction.

Reduction reaction : that is identified as the reaction in which a problem gains electrons. That means, the get of electron takes place.

Or we can say that, reduction reaction occurs once a reactant gains electrons in the reaction.

According come the electrochemical series,

most most likely to be reduced because

Hence, the ion most most likely to be decreased is



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Chemical Property(s):



Types of chemical bonds formed.

Coordination number.

Oxidation states.


Heat the combustion.

Enthalpy that formation.

I know these room chemical properties because they room all a an outcome of a chemistry change. Chemistry changes readjust the type of an object. Because that example, diluting orange juice by including water alters it"s ph from an mountain to almost neutral.

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What wavelength measures
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Wavelength (λ) can be characterized as the distance between two successive crest or trough that a wave.

From the over definition, wavelength (λ) simply measures distance.

This can more be described by obtaining the unit the measurement because that wavelength (λ).

This can be depicted below:

Wavelength is related velocity and frequency follow to the complying with equation:

Velocity (v) = wavelength (λ) x frequency (f)

v = λf

λ = v/f

Velocity is measured in ms¯¹

Frequency is measured in hertz, Hz (s¯¹)

λ = v/f

λ = ms¯¹ / s¯¹

λ = m

We deserve to see the wavelength is measure up in metre (m) i m sorry is the exact same unit for measuring distance.

Therefore, wavelength procedures distance.

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What is net ionic equation borax hydrolysis?
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The network ionic equation the borax hydrolysis would be: Na2B4O7 + 7H2O-----------------> 2 NaOH + 4 H3BO3Wherein 2 mole of salt hydroxide and 4 moles of boric acid are produced by the hydrolysis.I expect my discoverhotmail.com has come to your help. Give thanks to you because that posting her question right here in Brainly. Us hope to discoverhotmail.com much more of her questions and inquiries soon. Have actually a nice day ahead!
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dentify the exactly formula for the adhering to ionic compounds. - salt chloride - magnesium chloride - calcium oxide - lithium
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The chemical formula of an ionic compound deserve to be composed by making use of the icons of the particular cations and also anions.

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The in its entirety charge on the molecule need to be zero.

Hence, the complete charge the cations=total charge of anions.

The signs of the given molecules are displayed below:

sodium chloride ---- NaCl

magnesium chloride ---


calcium oxide ---- CaO

lithium phosphide----


aluminum sulfide -----


calcium nitride----


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