Now the you know the names and also functions that the cranial nerves, let"stest them. This tests will assist you understand how the cranial nerveswork. This tests room not expected to be a "clinical examination" the thecranial nerves. Friend will need to gain a companion to help...both the you can serve asthe experimenter (tester) and the subject. Record your observations ofwhat your companion does and also says. Olfactory Nerve (I)Gather some items v distinctive smells (for example, cloves, lemon,chocolate or coffee). Have your companion smell the item one at a time witheach nostril. Have actually your partner record what the item is and the strengthof the odor. Currently you be the one that smells the items...have your partneruse different smells for you. Optic Nerve (II)
Make an eye graph (a"Snellen Chart") prefer the one on the right. It doesn"t have to beperfect. Have actually your partner try to read the currently at miscellaneous distancesaway indigenous the chart.

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Oculomotor Nerve (III), TrochlearNerve (IV) and Abducens Nerve (VI) These three nerves regulate eye movement and pupil diameter. Host up afinger in front of her partner. Phone call your partner to hold his or herhead still and to follow your finger, then relocate your finger up and also down,right and left. Perform your partner"s eyes follow your fingers?Check thepupillary solution (oculomotor nerve): look at the diameter that yourpartner"s eyes in dim irradiate and likewise in bright light. Check fordifferences in the size of the right and also left pupils.Trigeminal Nerve(V) The trigeminal nerve has both sensory andmotor functions. To check the motor part of the nerve, phone call your companion toclose his or her jaws together if he or she to be biting under on a item of gum.
VestibulocochlearNerve (VIII) back the vestibulocochlear nerveis responsible for hearing and balance, we will only test the hearingportion of the nerve here. Have actually your companion close his or she eyes anddetermine the street at which that or she can hear the ticking of a clockor stopwatch. Glossopharyngeal Nerve (IX) andVagus Nerve (X) have your companion drink somewater and also observe the swallowing reflex. Additionally the glossopharyngeal nerveis responsible because that taste on the back part of the tongue. You could try afew drops of braided (or sugar) water ~ above this component of the tongue and see ifyour partner deserve to taste it.

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Spinal Accessory Nerve (XI) To check the stamin of the muscles used in headmovement, put your hands on the political parties of her partner"s head. Tell yourpartner to move his or she head from next to side. Use only lightpressure when the head is moved.HypoglossalNerve (XII) have your partner stick the end his or hertongue and move it next to side.
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