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Description : Sonny simply wants some loosened cigarettes from the edge store and also ends up gaining in a controversy with the merchant in the hood lol. LMAO comedy end a hot hip hop beat through an east indian back drop. Sonny Barnes will have you laughing all the method to the store! If you understand anything about how it goes down in a hood convenience store, this will have you on the floor!This makes the perfect ringtone!

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Description : ns don"t understand if it"s comedy,industrial or what this is come someone that is funny :)so the track is funny too .hope you"ll have fun listening come this one .

Description : ns stumbled ~ above a YouTube video clip of a ten year old Palestinian girl asking for a chance to live past the troubles of war and so ns CRIED top top every moment of this production and also it still division my person heart together I type this through tears running under my face. Please listen to this because it is so crucial to the human being race Know"s the Apartheid (RACISM) still exists after the great Nelson Mandela !! every one of humanity rectal the same space, for this reason we are all the same branch the the magnificent !! you re welcome drop all her views because that the benefits of our Human family members on our tiny home human being we call Earth :)

Description : ns have always wanted to try my hand at a irradiate hearted comical song and this is mine you re welcome be tenderness lol.Playing my brand spanking brand-new Paul Reed Smith solitary cut semi hollow electrical guitar top top this.All tools (acoustic and electric guitars, bass guitar, vocals and backing vocals) perform by me. To apologize drum and also percussion loops used.

Description : Hey Sexshe is what you obtain when girlfriend mix stunner comedy through techno run music. It"s simply a fun song! So gain "Hey Sexshe "You so Silly"..

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This child like character is make the efforts to cracked jokes and also talk come this old man who is tough of hearing. Climate the old male starts to tell the boy his old silly story LOL. The win is exceptional at 145 Beats per Minute and also KSu is the transform ego that a very well recognized poet and also producer deserve to you guess who?

Description : c"est une compo du layout LoFi, Faite en 4 jours, laisser un commentaire pour me dire comment vous la trouver (Vocal Chop LoopGiovanniGray )

it"s a LoFi layout comp, make in 4 days, leave a comment to tell me exactly how you uncover it (Vocal Chop Loop GiovanniGray)

Description : ago in the job of olde, dragon rampaged the lands. Just a tiny handful that men could ever muster up the vessel to confront them.I supplied an old medieval standard for the music.

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