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:mad: There were alot of terrible characters in the eleven seasons of Cheers, each one was the antagonist to one of our favorite characters. But which scum was the worst? I chose a few and I"ll allow you to decide.
Thats my quote! "I hate you with the white-hott intensity of a thousand suns..":::Sam looks up with pitty:::"Somebodys Cranky.." LOL me and my friend enjoy sam and dianes quotes a little too much.. we act like them too.. its scary.. hm another sam and diane.. is the world ready for that yet?? LoLxoxo
there are to many scumy people here,i happen to think that they are all scum with almost the same intestinly,but i guess i had to break it down,sumnor and irene blanchard,because these to people hurt them in one of the worst ways and turned out to be the most manipuliiltve characters since coming in achully they all were but i am just mentioning sumnor and irene blanchard,execptthat they did more lying than the other two,i guess they did the same things though and they really kept their proiorties hidden from us well i thought,allthough i think that i destast them more is because they bothed used the other person in more of a mean way and it became obvious to us that irene blanchard was surprisingly a very mean,cold hearted,lying,selfish and ditzy person in the end of it,and since she won the lottery,and sumner was a surpize to me to,but not quit as much as coachs irene blanchard and another person who really used people was janet ellridge,but i really liked her and sam as a couple if only she wasn,t a self centered lying and cunning lady as well,nick and the sports fan i didn,t find as obnoxcious though,but i really didn,t like a that lady who used cliff,but i had to vote for sue blancherd in the end i really really hated that women after what she did to coach,i felt sorry for her though because of that even though that is a very strong feeling,i thought that was a very cold thing she did though and i feel she probably deserved it as well,but that is one very cruel thing i really despise in people who do that to ppl
Too bad there wasn"t an ALL Of The Above.:)I only voted for the honorable Councilwoman since she wasplayed by Kate Mulgrew aka Captain Janeway.I promise ifJeri Ryan HAD been on Cheers and had played a scumballI"d have VOTED for her!!!!:)LOL!!!!:)

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someone who i personally think should be on the list is robin colcord,for using rebecca the way he did,i never did like that guy,but i just thought that he should be mentioned