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Networking Concierge

It’s not what friend know, it’s that you know. Us all recognize that. Emerging that network take away time, energy, time, knowledge, time, technique, and a many time.

It additionally takes time.

What if you could have the services of a powerful, robust, world spanning network without having actually to invest thousands of hours to construct it?

That is what mine Networking Concierge program does for you. I accomplish with dozens of human being every week, and also introduce friend the people who are fit because that you to attach with to thrive your business and improve her life.

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Morning an ideas Podcast

Daily motivation, every job in her email

Would you favor a fast hit of motivation every day to get yourself fired up?

I’m here to help.

I will certainly send you a daily motivational message every dayto obtain your mind right, your soul focused, and you ready to dominate the day.

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The Podcasts
In the four Unicorns style recording studio through Patrick Howard.

The male Who knows A guy Podcast is back! With new technology, we have centralized the production process, therefore we’ll have the ability to bring much more regular illustration with new guests and also exciting local knowledge to learn.

Michael Whitehouse has two podcasts: The male Who to know A man Podcast and Michael’s Motivation. The guy Who to know A male Podcast is created in conjunction through Patrick Howard of four Unicorns Design and features interviews with local business owners and also experts.

On The man Who knows A man Podcast Michael Whitehouse and also a fantastic, many information guest host answer your questions and solve your troubles on the air.

Michael’s an inspiration is raw and also uncut advice and motivation for her business and life.

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The guy

Michael Whitehouse

Known by countless as The male Who knows a Guy, Michael Whitehouse is a connector in Southeastern Connecticut and also beyond. Since arriving in Groton, Connecticut in 2014 discovering no one yet his wife and also a grasp of people, Michael has developed a network of people around the area, across all industries and also occupations.

With the aid of his connections, Michael has launched regional publications in Mystic and Niantic, v one an ext in development. That has helped with raising thousands of dollars for regional charitable organizations. He has helped organization people make connections, helped human being find jobs, and also helped people affix with an abilities and sources that lock needed. One estimate places to total value he has actually shared v his network over the past year in overabundance of $100,000.

Michael Whitehouse is not a networking wizard. He has simply employed particular techniques to connect with people and also build win-win relationships, and also he is working hard to re-superstructure what he has actually learned with as many human being as that can.

The Book

The guy Who knows a Guy, by Michael Whitehouse

The man Who to know a guy is a quick and also easy read. Full of fun stories and tips that you can put to work-related right away, this publication will offer you an easy way to construct the networking skills you’ve constantly wished the you had.

They say that it’s not what friend know, it’s that you know. And it’s true. It’s good to it is in the male who knows a guy. For this reason isn’t it about a time to get to know an ext people?

Whether you room a salesman, one engineer, or a basket weaver, her career is constructed on the relationships in your network. Her network can be a an effective resource because that you or one anchor holding friend back. The guy Who knows A guy is her handbook to building the network the you need to make the influence you want to do in the world.

The gained A male Service

You require a guy? I’m the guy Who to know A Guy. I gained a guy!

Tell me what you’re feather for. I’ll connect you v good, reliable, trustworthy people in my network. It’s all around relationships, therefore I’m right here for you after the introduction and for anything else you can need.

The Coach

Networking, Marketing, Communications, and Sales room all about getting your article out and also making connections, however with different approaches and also solutions.

Michael Whitehouse is accessible to it is in hired for one-to-one coaching. He will certainly holistically look in ~ your company or project and assist you to develop a plan. By using the self-controls of networking, marketing, communications, and also sales, that is maybe to create unique and an imaginative solutions to difficulties that you are facing.

The Speaker

Michael speaking to an audience on topics of networking and marketing.

Michael Whitehouse is accessible to come and also speak at your organization or event. His basic interactive layout holds the audience’s attention while providing an useful information.

His speak are normally built roughly a couple of main point concepts before going come an interaction format. Addressing concerns from the audience to save answers relevant and interesting.

Since most civilization in company seeking networking advice space really in search of ways to obtain their name into the market and build more customers, Michael is also able to attract on his considerable knowledge of sales and marketing. Whether it’s one come one or getting to a entirety community, Michael can aid your audience accomplish their goals.

The Course

I offer a food on Udemy i m sorry you can take. Inspect it out.

The Resource

The best method to develop a network is to usage that network to assist others. Michael is always eager for difficulties that he deserve to use his network come solve.

Do you have actually a challenge to solve? room you in search of a connection? contact Michael and also see if he deserve to help.

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