"The God on The Mountain legacy - Music native The motion Picture"

Tracy Dartt has written a multitude of Gospel songs. Numerous of them have actually become an extremely well known. Some of them have actually become great international hits, and also recorded by the greatest names in Gospel Music - artist such together The Cathedral Quartet, Jake Hess, Jason Crabb, Lynda Randle, The McKameys,The Dixie Melody Boys, The Weatherfords, The Lesters, The Regents of southern California, Jessy Dixon, john Starnes, and also countless others. This is a collection of a couple of of those songs, particularly songs the were heard transparent the one-of-a-kind, inspiring, biographical documentary movie, "The God ~ above The mountain Legacy" available native Dartt Media Group. Included in this arsenal are the very first original recordings that "The God on The Mountain", "The last Sunday", "Your Blesser Ain"t never ever Been Blessed", and "A matter Of Policy". You"ll hear standard recordings native The Weatherfords, Tracy Dartt, The Regents of southern California, and The Victors. You"ll additionally hear brand new recordings from The Dartts and from Tracy Dartt.

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Let this songs take you earlier through her favorite inspirational moments of "The God ~ above The mountain Legacy" together you listen to...

"The God ~ above The Mountain heritage - Music from The motion Picture"

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"The God top top The hill Legacy"


There space times when the message of a track - a few words placed to music - have the right to move a love or change a life. It have the right to have much more of an impact than a great novel or an epic film. Especially a song favor "God top top The Mountain".

It"s Message? GOD LOVES YOU, and His love for you is not dependent upon her circumstances. Whether you room down in the valley or ~ above the mountaintop His love never changes.

"The God on The hill Legacy" is an motivating documentary the explores the phenomenon of among Gospel Music"s favourite songs. Special stories and also commentary indigenous the song"s author, Tracy Dartt, and the artists who made the a hit, "The God on The hill Legacy" will happiness gospel music fans all over the world.


Lynda and Mike Randle, Ruben and Peg McKamey Bean, Tracy and also Sharon Dartt, Lily Weatherford, Phil Cross, Jim Bakker, Ben Speer, stone Mountain Dartt, BJ Speer, Billy Brisendine, Eddie Crook, Hal Spencer, Danny Jones, mary Fay Jackson, Russ Hall, and also Kevin McManus.



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